Thursday, March 17, 2011

tales in the life of,,,,,,

Got my last trip to the dentist over with.  wooohoooo  I was gone all day, tho.  My sis went with me n managed to get a doc's appointment at 3:15, so we just killed about 4 hours, not hard when there's a walmart and a church's chicken place.  Went to an HEB plus too.  Got home and unloaded all the groceries, put away, ate supper, and guess what!!! Time for idol.  So that was my whole day. 

Time change has not been any problem, went to bed at 10, slept til nearly 9.  (take my nap before i get up) lololol.  Of course, i'm always up and down during the nite, but go right back to sleep most of the time.  I've always needed more sleep than most, but if you don't like it, it's ur problem.  Just never cared about other people's opinions, did my own thing.  Learned that wayyy back when i was about 13 or 14.  One of my class mates told me at our 20 year reunion,,,that i was always ahead of our time.  hahahahaha,,,Still don't know what that meant.  Took it as a complement,,,hehehe

Gosh, sure do miss that ol DD.  Hurry up DD, play ahead of work now.

Gotta remember to wear green, and like Ben, this was party time back a few years, every nite was back then,,,lololol,,, green beer n all.  BF told me one time, that i was the only female he'd ever known, that could keep up with him on beer drinking, and still function.  Actually, no one could ever tell i had had too much.  That sure paid off the few times i was stopped by a cop.  i always used cruise control, and could drive straight.  Got stopped once for a headlite not working on high, and once for tail lites out.  Both times, knew the cops, and they just said, be careful.  Next day i got em fixed.  Guardian angel sure watched over me for a lot of years.  One day, i just couldn't gag another beer down,,,that was the end of it.  Well, drank rum for a while, but same thing happened with it too.  Gosh, gave up cigarettes, drinking,,,just no fun any more.   lmaooooo.  i could always have fun sober.  Can't throw washers tho.  Had to have at least 3 beers, to put those thangs in the cups but,,,u better watch out after that.  Family kids learned to ask,,how many beers have u had before they'd be my partner.  This was something our kids learned to do really young..  We had a big bar-b-q one time, drew for partners and put good ones in one hat, new in another so it could be pretty equal.  One new man got my 10 year old granddaughter for his p.  Should have seen his frown, til he watched her throw against my bro, and if he had made even ONE point, they would've won that tourny. 

Now, that brings up another story about a washer game.  My bro won big tournys for years, and when his kids were young, set up the washers out in his yard,  told all 3 that if they could ever beat him, he'd give em a hundred dollars.  Well, that's all his 6 year old son needed to hear.  Few days later, he told his dad,,,i'm ready.  he said ready for what?  that washer game,,,,so out they went,, with my  bro thinking,,,piece of cake,,,Said,,,after that first throw, he knew he was in trouble.  game went back n forth, finally got to 20 -19, and bro put 2 in, one hanging, and a close one.  Thot,,,whew,,,got it now.  Had 14 points there.   Butttttt,,,wait a minute!!!!,,,that kid just put 2 in too, killing the other 2,  knocked that hanger away, and got one closer to win!!!! Not a word was said, bro went in the house, came back and handed him the $100 bill.    Used him as his p a lot of times in the big tournys too..

enough, already,,,