Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Don't Wanna Go,,,to the Vets

Still not over that trip, my feet are still kinda sore too.  Sooo, i'm still not doing much.

I heard about a possible rabid fox last nite, and just now, another one.  I got a card, reminding me to take Jude in for his update shots, even tho the rabies last 2 years and it's just been one.  When there's more around the vet reccommends every year.  It's the setting an appointment, then trying to have him around where i can get him into a carrier and go.  The best i've ever found, is an old nylon travel bag.  You put one in it, zip it, and then they're  Easy to carry, too.  Guess i need to get it out and let it lay in here, for him to get used to.

I woke up before 7 today, and could NOT go back to sleep, so i got up about 7;30.  Already need a nap.  It was cool too.  Almost to the summer equinox and not bad.  Know it's coming tho....

Ok, that nap is yelling at me now,,so yall tc, and