Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jude's Missing

Don't know what to think, Jude hasn't shown up today.  He's always waiting by the door when i get up, or once in a while, comes running when i go out for the paper.  Maybe he has a gopher treed, or hiding from something.  He doesn't go wandering off, and he's really a scaredy cat.  Here where i live is a safe place or i wouldn't be letting him out.  It's rare a car even goes down the one street in the front.  The street to the side is a dead end, so just the neighbors go there.

I didn't do anything yesterday, too darned tired.  Watched 2 movies last nite, went to bed at 11, and SLEPT!  First time since the time changed.

With DD missing for 2 days, thot i was gonna have to go hunting him,,,lol.  We all kinda keep up with each other, and when one posts every day, or says he won't, and then comes up missing,,we take it serious.  SOOOO DD,,was so relieved today, to see your post.

And BB, if you go out in that "bubba boat",,,plzzzz wear your life jacket.  Late yesterday, a kayak turned over with 3 men in it, 2 had them on, 1 didn't.  They found his body about 9 last nite.  And they were close to shore.  This was in Lake Buchanan.

Nothing to say, nothing going on,,but, i will let you know about Jude.

Yall tc, and


Went off and got back home about 4:30 and Jude's waiting on the porch, nothing wrong,,he's fine,  but he did get a good talk from me.