Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DD, i WONDER about,,but BB,,,who knows? lololol

Had that toenail root cut out.  Said keep it propped up today,,,wellll, i have,,after stopping at walmart.  Hasnt bled thru anything yet, and here i am,,,back.  Even packed in all my groceries, put em away.  OOO yeah, put trash out too,,,this all done before feeling comes back. hahahaha,,, Got that goood pain med if i need it, and can get more.  Im talking about the left over from lap band surgery 11 months ago.  He called in an ok if i need it.  Think i oughta get it,,,just in case???  Dont do drugs if i can help it.  Gonna try an aleve first....

BB i dont ,,,wonder,,,and i dont have one of those,,that jeep,,, n i dont stay mad at the world,,,so i just rattle around here.  lol  Sure would like for more to sign up as followers,,,make me feel like a few maybe enjoy all my rattlings,,n,,o yeah. dont swat golf balls either.  Used to swat soft balls,,,does that count? Think i offended 1,,,talking about nekkid stuff.  (biker meets)  Anyways,,,she just took right off. Must be 1 of those holy rollers.  OMG,, had a knock on my BACK door last week, thot it was 1 of my bros,,pulled it open,,, n lo n behold,,,1 of them,,,at my back door!!!! Said NOOO, not interested, n shut the door before she could talk.  of all the nerve!!!  Got a front door, with a doorbell,,,n even the back door has one too, sooo, wth was she knocking???   Wasnt one of those jehovah ppl.  Grew up across the street from a big family of those,,,,girls n i were great friends, but they NEVER convinced me i was going to hell if i wasnt 1 of the chosen ones.   lol,,,told em,,,dont u think theres already been 40000 there?  That was the limit.  Now, i do admire those, they do live their beliefs more than any other religion i know of.  Gosh ,,,how did i get off on that.  NEVER talk politics r religion,, in blogs.

That ol weatherman i never believe,,said it was gonna be around 99,,in austin.  That means 105 here.
Not gonna believe that til i c it either.  Glad im home,,,under my ac.  Wow,,,was COLD this morning. hahahaha,,,,55!!! Nearly had to get back out my wintertime robe.  Serious!