Thursday, March 29, 2012


Forgot i didn't do a post this morning.  None of my house phones are working so i've been fooling with that, and got to a place,,who knows?,,I've got internet, and i've switched, unplugged, skipped,,changed those line filters, done  everything i could think of, and still, no phones.  On either of the 2 lines.  How can i have internet?  Could that lightening and rain shorted out BOTH phones?   I dug out a real old one, not portable, and it's not working either, even outside in the box on the house.  But,,who knows if it would work anywhere?  lolol  Got a dilemma here.  A repairman was supposed to come by, but i just talked to him, and he doesn't think he'll make it today, sooo,,i told him to call my cell if he could.

Ok, sorry about not posting more today, but i gotta get outa here and do some things.
So, yall tc, and