Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Fish Tale, r 2

Over the hump day,,,, soo glad to c this day back in my working days. 

Did 3 longggg updates today, took a lot of time.  one was firefox 4, a windows security thing, and something else.  have auto updates so i get notified when there r some to do.  and i do em.  i think i like ff4, pretty cool.  havent checked it all out yet, but what ive seen, i like.  while that was all updating, i watched the rest of "dancing" i had recorded.  like to watch some of those that way, so i can skip all the ads.  the actual show is about a 1/4 of the 2 hours u record.  the more popular the show, the more ads.  Buttttt,,,,tonite i WILL be watching IDOL!! ads n all. lolol  dont know what im gonna do about my 4 favs, how can i choose? o well, thats down the road a bit.  1st place, casey, then james, scotty, n pia.  yall vote, u hear.  will be recording the sitcoms on abc to watch later, too.  on fri thru sun, NOTHING on.

Gosh hated to hear that liz had died today.   was always one of my favs. 

I did remember to go out last nite and spray that yellow jacket nest.  Just had 1 on it, but it wont be back!  ill check it out later to c if there r any more, dont think so.  they go to "roost" like birds for the nite, so i guess that nest just had the 1.  

ummm ummm, love those deviled eggs.  got a craving about 2 weeks ago, and im still eating em.  have yall tried the new hot dogs sonic has?  i got a new york one yesterday, was pretty good.  had a spicy mustard, sauerkraut, and maybe relish on it.  dont remember the others, but one was still the chili cheese one.

took some old bread out to the park yesterday to feed the geese, but just 2 were there.  lol,,, they usually come when they hear my car, knowing i might feed them.  a big rock out in the river was covered with turtles!!! solid.  lmao,,,why i dont fish out there.  i was fishing one time, just below the dam here in town. there were several men sitting up on the dam, but i went to the rocks below.   had a hit, and ended up catching a gar, could c all those men laughing, thinking i didnt know what to do.  ha ha!!, i cut my line, (had swallowed the hook) threw that thing behind me, put a new hook on, rebaited and back out it went.  they didnt laugh any more!!  my dad raised us right!  also, u cleaned what u caught too.  i could clean one as fast as anybody.  my mom n i went out to a stocked tank one time, took our small kids with us.  when my youngest noticed how big the fish were, he stood braced as long as his line was out,hahahaha, didnt want those things to pull HIM in.  dad had made the comment,, ill clean all yall catch.  hahahahaha,,,,we had to quit, had so many, got back, told him,,well, here they r... cya later.  he didnt say a word, just got to cleaning.  lost my wedding ring on that trip,,a big wide band, went back looking 3 times, never did find it.  we even looked in the fish we took home.  i was really thin and it had gotten too big, and would slide off.  think it went out with a cast. 

still miss my dad, especially at this time of year.  hed call, say, lets go fishing, and off wed go.  dont think we ever caught  anything, but sure enjoyed it. 

yall tc now, ya hear