Sunday, June 29, 2014

So ,, Not Anything Going On

My Queen Anne's Lace, this year.  After you get this established, it's there.  No care necessary.


Yeah, I know they're blurry on top,,, best i can do.  Like i've said before, taking pictures just never was my thing.   It was sure covered with bees.  You might even hear them buzzing.  lol.

Been staying home, staying in. Hate the heat and humidity.  Maybe because i have COPD.

I don't know where i left off, all the unexpected expensives coming up all at one time.  Just in June, had the starter, and driver's window repaired on my car, and in between those, had to buy a new AC.  Comes in 3s?  lol,,, hope that's all.  The driver's window had to have the motor and the switch,,and yeah,, i know,, i thot so too.  Did it really need that motor?  lol.  I think so, because the man is so trustworthy, and checked it out down to that.  My car is old enough, the motor had to be ordered thru another place.  Not the normal one.  Switch was there tho.  

Instead of another large 210 AC, i got a 12000 btu, 110, and stuck it in a front window,  which i HATE, but saved taking the other out of the wall, and filling in around the new one.  It's an Energy Saver, and soooo quiet... Love it.  The 5 year warranty was still good, but,,, was told might as well throw those in the trash, not much covered after the first year.  They've gone the way of TVs,, cheaper to buy a new one.  I used my bro's discount, so saved a little.  His son and my other bro put it in for me.  Hate losing the bottom of my front window, but,, getting used to it.

I have to laugh at Jude,,,Every year i have to comb and comb, getting all his excess hair out,, tons of it.  He loves it!  Now he's gotten to trying to lead me over to the chair where i sit to do it, every time i'm trying to get him in the house.  hahahahaha  Wish i could shave him, like dogs.  I think he would love it,,, heck, might try it sometime....

Yall had enough nonsense yet?  lol  OOOOO yeah!,,, Still no pain from my hip.  Did have to get an injection in my wrist tho.  Had to choose between surgery, or trying the injection again... It has worked.  The last one had lasted a year.  Using the injection wouldn't have let the surgeon see the problem enough to really tell what was needed,,, why there was the choice,, taking the chance.

Just saw the Country Reporter going to Enchanted Rock.  In case yall don't know, that's here in our county.

I've ordered a digital scanner, be in next week... Gosh!  Hope i can figure it out.. It's the Uniden HomePatrol.  You put in your zip code, and supposedly, that's it, for the programming.  All i want to pick up are the ones used here,,, not sure how it's going to work.

That's all folks,,,tc, and


Friday, June 13, 2014

How Do I Get So Behind?

I've had a lot going on, lately, and just haven't taken the time to post.  Sometimes it's hard to take the time to just read them. lol.

I've had doctor visits,,, meeting my new one, getting some blood tests done, (all fine), to see what she can do with my high calcium.  Got a message yesterday to come in next week, and we'll talk about that.  I will see the specialist in Sept, and she has been in contact with her.  NOT going to Round Rock, she will be just down hwy 71 then.

Then, had to go yesterday with my wrist,,, hurting all the time.  Had a choice of surgery or another injection to see if it would work.  Chose the injection.  It will take a few days to work.  I had gotten to where i could just barely use my hand.... starting the car was a Major accomplishment....

Speaking of car,,, Just put that starter on, and then my driver's side window quit on me.  And, it's the motor,,,died.  He got it up, til he can get a new one.  As old as it is, had to order from another place, cost more.  I was hoping my son had one laying around, but he didn't.  Gonna be just under 200.00

When it rains it pours, right?  YES,,, the large AC in the front of my house, died too.  It was just under the 5 year warranty, BUT,, that meant NOTHING.  You trash em, get a new one... just like the TVs did.
I got a smaller one, 12000 btu, 110v, used my brother's discount at Buttery's, and his youngest son and my other bro put it in for me that day.  Went ahead and put it in the window, left the big 220 one in the wall, too hard to fill in around a smaller one.  I'll take it out for the winter, the little one.  That little thing cools just fine, and it's so quiet i'm not even sure it's running when the tv is on.  Love that.  It also is an Energy Saver, will cut off fan and compressor.  The little 5000 btu i have in my dining room, is the coolingest, hi speed blowing you ever saw.  It would almost cool the front too.  Why i went ahead with the smaller one there.  But, so loud.  And runs all the time.

Did we have some storms last night???   O boy, did we.  We got about an inch of rain, but 15 miles E, someone said 3 1/2" in an hour there.  I did hear about flooded streets, a tornado around,,,small hail, trees down.   Jude hid in the house, lol.  I just went to bed and left him, but,, heard him about 1am wanting out.... Need one of those thundercollars,,, maybe lol.

Gas going up, food way up, coffee, (im stocking up,,,,) good thing i'm cutting down.  My blood sugar keeps being way high so gonna try the diabetic diet more.  With the pills i've taken, it never mattered.  I have craved sugar, gonna have to do sugar free stuff,,,grrrr.

Well, almost lunch time, got part of a rabbit cooking,,, friend gave me one... Love them.  I'm cooking it like i do chicken, baked, brushed with a little oil and seasonings.  One time my Dad decided to raise them to eat,,,BUT none of us would eat those.  hahahahaha.  It's fine when they come from another place.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back Again

Just saw a road runner out in the street coming home from the post office, running into the yard where they used to nest,,, They're BACK... love those silly birds.

Had this almost finished, and just touched something and it alllll went away... makes me not want to redo for sure.

I changed companies for my diabetic supplies, and had to take the ones i had to the post office, sending back for credit.  The meter never worked right from the start.  That's what i've done today,,, lol.  Called the new company and got all set up with them.

My son took my car yesterday, put freon in the AC, changed oil and filter, and rotated the tires.  I'm good for a long time.  The AC needed it last year, but, didn't get it done.  My car is a 2003 so i don't think it will leak out any time soon.  Took all these years to get at this point.

I bought a bottle of salad dressing at Alco a few days ago, and took a bite yesterday and OMG,,, i was burning... lololol.  It has jalapeno in it.  Now, gotta get another bottle just to eat a salad meal.  I can't tolerate hot at all.  So instead of a salad lunch, it'll be another sandwich.  Maybe, salad for supper.

My sis has been without TV for a few weeks, and her antenna she was hooking up, wouldn't work without that box for older TVs.  She put a tv on layaway where she works, Alco, but it'll be another couple of weeks to get it.  So, i loaned her my box, and she called later and we went thru everything i could think of, and she's just getting one channel.  During the nite, it hit me,,, you know how something keeps niggling at ya,,, i think there's a switch on the back of her tv that needs switching.  The channel she gets has a huge tower just outside of town so that's why she's getting that one, i think.  Anyway, i'm gonna call her later when she gets off, and tell her to look for that.  I have one TV on my antenna, and had to get that box when they switched to HDD.  The other 2 i have, are on the cable and had the HDD.  Have i confused everybody?  lolol.  I've had to use that little TV sometimes, too, when the cable goes off right in the middle of something.  It gets all the locals.

Yall tc, and