Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got a Dilemma

Well, woke up way too early today and could NOT go back to sleep.... So later, i won't be able to keep my eyes open,,have to nap.  Haven't had breakfast yet, and since today is delivery day for my drugs,,lol,,, do i dare get in the shower? 

You know, i just dread holidays now.  I'm expected to take something for dinner,,,like everybody else, but,,,this year, i just don't know what.  Can't be on my feet much, so it has to be something quick and easy.  Maybe my 3 bean salad.  Maybe HJs firecrackers (everybody loves em).  Maybe just pick up some potato salad at the store...We all go to bro Gs house, and it's small and really crowded.  Little kids drive me nuts.  See what i mean?  The weather is going to be beautiful, so maybe the kids will stay outside mostly.

J is driving against everybody's better judgement.  At least he got into an automatic yesterday.  O gosh, think i said this yesterday,,,, never mind...

I've GOT to get some Christmas shopping done... never been this late!  Normally, it's all done by now.  I'm not doing much, just for immediate family.  I shop online so i have a big stack of these little catalogs laying here.

Gosh, just seems i have nothing to put here, any more.  Yall tc, and