Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have finally adjusted to the time change, and slept good the last few nites.  I do not remember ever having this much trouble with it.

Talked to my son about 8 am,,and he's better, was going back to bed for a while.  I'm trying to remember to tell him they might need to check on their airline.  I don't know if it goes thru DFW or not.   I think they're leaving on an 8am flight, so that means they have to be there for security check in, etc, way earlier, which means leaving here in the wee  Gonna suggest they go on to Austin today, get a motel.  That would make it a lot better.

I always record movies for nites there's nothing on tv, and it's sure been slim pickins lately, for them.  Found just 1 today.  The ones on, are mostly repeats and i've seen them.  From Fri on thru the weekend, i use them.

My "about" quarterly check up is this afternoon.  Not sure how long since i had it, but,,guess i'll find out.  Since i had that lap band deflated, there's 2 prescriptions i need to change.  One from a powder that mixes with water, the other a liquid.  Sooooo glad to do that.  

Yall tc, and