Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well hells bells, im still having to redo my whole google account to post comments.  Why doesn't it keep it?,, Who knows?   AND,, before u say it, i do check the box to remember me. 

OOO Mercy!  Just had to bend for a while to trim my toe nails.  OOOOWWW.  That pain pill i took last nite worked so good, might do another one tonite.  Hush, BB.  lololol.  Cut too much on 2, now i'll have sore toes for a while, but,,,they are short. 

There are a couple of blogs i would sure like to respond to, but,,,NOT gonna put my private info on there, just to do it.  One is rvsue, the other is oljules.  They want tooo much private, for me anyway, just to post a comment.  Don't know what you'd have to fill out to become a follower.  Ur life story i guess.  Anyway, i'm too much a private person, just won't do it.  Closed out that facebook too, too much info.  Don't do chat stuff with people around here, can use my phone, not a public place.  I explained to BB why i don't put my name out.  I don't even use my name on my email.  One time, i was pitching a fit to the cable company cause they wanted my personal phone number, and i didn't want to give it to em.  hahahaha,,,I was listed in the phone book!!!  AND worse, it was even on my checks i paid them with. hahahahaha  (Realized that after i had talked to them),,,Well, duh,,even smart people like me can be,,,uh,,,u know,,sometimes. lolololol  Nuff said about THAT subject.

Gotta get on the phone and call the Lowe's in Marble Falls, see if they have 2 doors i saw in their ad today.  One is a storm door and the other is an entry door.  Need them both on the front.  Has been too hot to do the work, but getting about to the point where it can be.  For me,,lol, having to have the doors open til replaced.  Gonna call the man that put on my back ones, he has told me he would when i got ready.  Will ask my bro B first, but he hates to work on old houses.  Gets too impatient.  That store is a pretty new one, and is huge.  I'm gonna ask about delivery too.    Just called, forget delivery!! $79.00.  But the doors are there, both of them.

Need to make a store run.  BBL maybe.

If not, HAGD