Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wooohoooo,,,,now i can prove my memory loss is due to drugs!!!  Statins.  Also, diabetes and muscle pain.  I've taken one for several years for my cholesterol, and this says its better to have the memory loss, etc, than the high cholesterol.  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before i started taking anything tho.  I think.. hahahahah.  My memory loss had started when i was put on a lot of my medication, so ,,, i already knew that.  Like that thing,(chart) a while ago, i'm in the normal range, so, i'm ok.  You have to weigh the side effects against the good.

I'm still not seeing little Hop a Long, but i saw one that got up from laying on the ground, and limped for a bit.  Gosh they all look alike so, who knows?  Sure hope that was it, and that leg had gotten well.

I need to be doing other things this morning, and here i am, typing away.  And that council meeting is Monday.  Like my bro G says tho, we'll give it a shot, if it works,,great, if not,,so be it.  I would love to have lots of supporters show up.

I sure love all the pics yall put on your blogs.  Most of those places i've never seen.  And won't ever.  Next best, is the pics.

Leap year,,last day of the month.  Tomorrow was my Dad's birthday.  My son was due on that day, and he told me if he came that day, i would have to name him after him.  I already  had his name, so i was glad he showed up 6 days later. lololol.  There was already a cousin with that name so it was being passed down.

Gotta get ,,doing stuff, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gave Up,,Maybe Another Day

Got up fairly early, like 8, and i'm still just messing around.  Spent way too much time trying to figure out why i can't email something from Works, well, it tells me why.  I just don't know how to correct it, and got tired of trying.  Says i don't have a default email program associated with it.  Since it's not that important, i don't know why i spent all that time on it.  Wanted to email my son a letter i composed for him.  Just made a copy and will give that to him.

I stopped at subway yesterday and got one of those footlong chicken thangs, yuk, and couldn't eat but just a few bites.  Got a lot of leftovers,,,lol.  Gonna try some more for lunch.  Don't know if it's the bread, 9 grain ww, or the chicken chunks, but it didn't want to go down.

The news just showed a big white bull loose in Dallas and how they tried to catch it.. hilarious.  One view showed a policeman on a moped, with the bull chasing him,,,He was trying to fly!  Someone showed up with fence segments, and got him surrounded, loaded up.

Know this is short, but i'm so late, so yall tc, and


Monday, February 27, 2012

A First For Me

Hey,, folks,,,another day, not another dollar.  lol.

For the first time yesterday, i had to remove a comment, made from who else but,,,,,Anonymous.  It was an attack on me for stating something in my blog they didn't like, and was filled with filthy words.  I will never allow that, and i think most others agree.  Now i'm gonna say something else, then i'll drop it.  I believe in practicing what you preach.  I don't say one thing, then turn around and do another.  Case closed.

Did any of yall watch the grammy's?  I watched some of the red carpet stuff, but then a movie came on on PBS, and not much to say about that one,,,either, lololol.  Something about losing a curiosity shop, British.  I lmao one time, when Angelina Jolie was on, and the group that came on stage, the one on the right, mimicked her stance,,was hilarious.  He got it right on the nose.  Sticking his leg out, hand on hip, twisting and turning,,,hahahahahah.

My internet tech called and asked how things were going,,i told him great,,and i swear,,not one minute later, i'm offline.  I fool with it for a while, doing no good, and finally, just let it go.  I had called him back and left a message, so i just waited for his call back.  Well, for some reason, the internet came back on, just like that.  Right before he called me back.  It was off about 45 minutes.  We decided to just wait and see.  I told him i thot the new modem was the problem, and he thinks my line to it, is.  So, if i'm gone, you know why.

I keep being amazed at the spring weather, have to keep reminding myself it's Feb.  My weeds need mowing again.  Birds are everywhere.  (Not my martins, yet)  Butterflies, bugs, all fooled.  Buzzards have been circling in hundreds, migrating.  They will do circles above the river.  Hawks do too.  We don't have the turkey buzzard any more, don't know why.  They disappeared about the same time as these others showed up.  My Mother hit one one time on her windshield, and threw up the whole time she was hosing it off.  She had a weaker stomach than me, i guess, and i never knew how she made it as a nurse.  She worked til she was 79, and NO that's not a typo.  Came down with a bad case of pneumonia and never made it back.  Same with me.  I've never been the same as before that bad pneumonia.  It's been almost 4 years, (quit smoking at that time) and i'm just now trying to walk.  It's not my lungs, it's just out of shape bad.  I know i have to use it, or lose it.  I made it a 1/3 of a mile yesterday,,lolololol.  Sat down a few times,,on head stones at the cemetery.  Maybe my r&r shoes do help. lololol.

Ok,, enough said,,yall tc, and


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forgot to Title This,,,

Still lmao about rvsue,,in denial.  Guess it's ok to break her own rules, just,,,NOBODY else better do it and pull a surprise visit with HER. hahahahah,,,If i were ever to see her, i would make darn sure i broke her rules, and intrude on her to say howdy.  But that's just the kind of person i am,,don't EVER tell me what i SHOULD do,,,lololol.  Or worse, what i should NOT do.

I soo enjoyed the bar b q last nite,,but came home by 9;45.  It was about 20 miles away, on a little narrow 2 lane, so i didn't want to get too tired, not able to see good.  I do have good nite vision, but when i start shutting down,,,don't wanna be driving.  We all laughed til we hurt.  I was the only senior,,,lol, but like i said, these kids were around my house a lot back when.  I told the hosts, that as a mom i was so honored to be there.  The host was my son's best friend thru hi school, and was around most of the time.  Together they look like mutt n jeff.  He's like 6-4, 250, son 5-10, 120. lololol.  One time i went to the grocery store on Sat. morning, and his mom was there and asked how my son was.  I told her he was still sleeping, so i assumed ok.  Then,,she told me they had a fight the nite before!  And i'm thinking OMG,, son might be hurt bad.  Found out later, son J had run from him all nite trying NOT to fight, but when he grabbed him by the shirt collar and ripped it,,he did one of his spinning hits right on the nose, knocked him out cold, thot he killed him,  Finally got him up and in the car, took him home, put him to bed.  Next morning first thing, went to check on him.  J practiced every day on a punching bag, and size sure didn't matter.  Speed and muscles did.  lololol.  In all the fights he was in, he was never hit.  His friends liked to watch him and would instigate one if they could.  Anyway, sure was great last nite.

BB was talking about jumping under a fence one time, well,,,i did too.  I had gone out to get a cow for my grandma to milk, and she's walking right along the trail, me behind,,,thinking i was doing it,,,and all of a sudden that darn thang just stopped!  Turned around and looked at me,,thot hey, wth am i doing?,,put her head down and charged,, She had long horns too,,,, I was young and fast, and that fence wasn't too far away, sooo,,i sure didn't take time to crawl thru it or over it,,i went down under it!  Barely made it too.  Sure never volunteered to do that again.  Of course, they all laughed about it, thot it was real funny,  but i never trusted a cow again!  Failed to see the humor in that situation.  I coulda been ,,,well, gored anyway.  lololol.  My bros were the ones that tried to ride the calves.  Never did much good at that either.

All my valentine flowers are gone, just threw the last away.  Keep looking toward that spot. lolol.

That's all folks,,tc and


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phone Calls at 7:30AM????

My phone rang at 7;30 am today,,and know what i did?,,i just let it ring, went back to sleep.  lololol,  Why do people assume just cause you;re old, you get up early?  It was the lady friend on the city council and i talked to her later.  No big deal.  She rewrote my letters, and my bro and i have to decide if we like her version or mine.  One is ok, but i don't like the other one.   She's putting a lot of time on this, so i really really do appreciate it.  G is gonna come by later today and we will get it done and go from there.

I'm going out to the lake later with my son and gf, for a bar b q.  I can't stay late any more, so i'll be home by 10,,my bed time,,lololol.  About 9 i start shutting down, and can't make it much longer.  Do yall do that?

Had to laugh when i read rvsue today,,,hahahaha,,after all of her talk about visitors, and she goes marching in on some new campers...lmaooooo.....Uninvited at that!   I'll probably catch a lot of flak about saying this too, but just BRING IT ON.

I looked and looked for little Hop a Long at the park yesterday, but never saw him, but that doesn't mean much.  Even with the big group on the bank there were always a few still in the water.  The geese did show up, hadn't seen them for a couple of days.  I love it when they all, 13, come flying over squawking, and land in the river.

I didn't walk hardly any tho, too windy and cold.  Like i said before, it sometimes helps to skip a day.

I got this FANTASTIC email from my cousin about our cars back in the 50s and 60s, forwarded it to some of yall.  I know i'll watch it again, and save for future viewings..  Let me know if you liked it too,.

Wow,,noon already.  One more thing tho,  yesterday none of my games would work. Not even the free cell.  I rebooted a couple of times, nothing helped.  So strange.  Today they're fine.  I like the best.  You play with real people.  I've always loved games and played domino games, and card games all my life.  I was in a bridge club, but have let that go.  Need to get back into it.  Anyway, any of you that like games, that's a good site.  I play ludo and painted yatzy, but there's others too.  Ludo is like an old game we had, wahoo.

Ok,,time to git,,yall tc and


Friday, February 24, 2012

Meeting Today

My bro G and i met this morning with our city council friend here, and went over what we're going to do and say at the council meeting on 3-5, so,,,no post today.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BEST Mouse Trap EVER

Someone was talking about storing dog food or bird seed in buckets, or something like that, and reminded me of using a 5 gal bucket to store my bird seed.  Kept the lid on it til i got down to about 2 inches left.  Had it in my store room.  Went out there one day to get something and when i opened that door, heard this strange sound, and of course, i'm thinking RATTLESNAKE!  So,,very slowly, i go in and it's coming from that bucket.  hmmmm,,,Get close enough to look, and WOW, about 20 mice scrabbling around down in there.  llololol.  Now, what do i do?  Got 2 cats around somewhere.  So,, here i go, carrying that bucket calling those cats.  And here they come,,,BUT,,that bucket sound scares them to death.  hahahaha.  I finally get one to look in, and i have it leaning over a little, and she figures it out real quick.  MICE.  She grabs a few, as many as she can, and then i go to the other one.  He does the same thing,,but in the process of grabbing mice with all feet, mouth, etc, he lets 1 or 2 get away.  It's way out in the yard, so i just let it go.  The other one lets one get away, playing with it.  They finally finish those off, and i give them MORE.,  This takes a while to finish off all those mice, but we finally get it done.  I set the bucket back and next day,,,same thing. hahahaha,,, i open the door, hear the noise, and call one of the guys working on the house,,and he thinks i found a snake too, so he's kinda leary of looking.  lololol,,Then he couldn't believe it.   This time, there's about 15 in the bucket.  The cats know what i have now, so here they come when they hear it and see that bucket.  This went on for days, and i ended up catching about 50.  The last 2 were babies, and it was HARD to let the cats have em, but i did.  That bucket is still out there, and sometimes there is 1 or 2 dead ones in it.  Like i said, best mouse trap ever!  I single-handed, cleared out mice from this hill.  lololol.

Our river has been up a few feet, but it, nor the others, seem to help the lakes levels. Buchanan is still about 30 feet low, but that's from the fullest.  From normal, maybe 24 feet down.  Did read that the El Nina? would be leaving so we would have more of a normal,, (rare we get rain here).  But i've seen our river get on a huge rise in June.  Gosh, i think we got a hundred year rise a few years ago, in June.  I see bluebonnets everywhere so there will be lots of wild flowers this year.  We turn blue,, then red,,,then yellow.  Everywhere you can see, some years.  I WILL get pics.

Ok folks,,on to other things, but yall tc, and


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short n NOT Sweet

Internet went off again right after i published my post yesterday, and just a bit ago got fixed.  Wouldn't you know, when the tech showed up, it had just started working!!!?  Then i couldn't connect to the laptop, and got online chat, (never again) and he put me thru circles for about an hour, then the tech showed back up, took 2 minutes to fix.  He turned my router over, and it disconnected somehow just touching it.  Now i know where to look.  It's the new one i got about a week ago.  Not sure it's a good one.  Guess i'll wait and see.

Jojo, you are still using that double word verification, so i'm commenting here.  Where is this place you're going from where you are now?  How long will you stay?

Had to take one of my blogs i follow,,off.  Can't believe they were asking for donations on it for something,,and that was all it was.  Go stand on a street corner. Mr Nimble,,just don't do that kind of thing.  Also, all the political ones are going too.!!!  Why do people think they can talk you into changing your beliefs to theirs and start preaching about it???  Yep, gonna clean em up.  No donations, no politics, and NO religion.!! Got that??  hahahaha and i mean it.  Sure glad there's still the GOOD ones.

Here it is, noon, so i'd better get this published, quit my ranting, and eat my lunch.  Yall tc and


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger Trouble, Again?



These were my valentine flowers, almost gone  now.  Camera was in the car, and I just never brought it in til yesterday.  The ones on the right were white carnations dyed by my son into rainbow colors.   They also gave me a rainbow colored whirligig for outside.  The ones on the left were from my dotter.  Wish they showed up better here, but,,,I’m just not good with a camera.  Never cared to be, so,,this is what you get.  lol.


This was a different duck, and was the only one I saw.


Turtles sunbathing, til the gull landed.  Just one stayed and stared at it.  The others are circling around the rock.  There were lots of them in the water.

Ok, what’s going on with blogger now???  The blogs on my follow list aren’t showing the right time posted.  This has been going on for a couple of days now, driving me nuts,,,nuttier,,,anyway,,,lol.   For instance, it’s 10 am here, and HJs blog on top of list showing it was posted 9 hours ago.  At 1 am???  Is anybody else having this problem?  I did cure the email notification thang, by using the embedded comments.  And that gave me the reply at the bottom of those, so all’s good on that part.

My son came by last nite with some paperwork he wanted me to interpret for him, so I just went thru it and made a summery.  Where it took SS 5 pages to say something, I had a short list of those.  He finally got his disability which I couldn’t believe he was turned down the first time!  With all his spine doctors helping him, and stacks of paperwork verifying this since he was about 22 years old,,it took 2 times.  Now he can get that MRI his doc wants to do, and go from there.  The spinal block shots just last so long.  There’s a calcium deposit growing into his spine and pinching on the nerves.  It can put him flat sometimes.  All these 24 or so years, he’s had to pay out of his own pocket. (For 5 spinal surgeries)  He is limited on what he can do now, like sit or ride.   It was his choice not to do this until now.  This has happened all up and down his spine.  Has a lot of fusions,,metal plates.  Can’t pass inspections with those wands…lol.  Has to show his back and front. 

My walking is getting a tiny bit better.  Still a force to do it, but,,,,HAVE to.  The weather helps, makes me want to get out and do something.  I look at my yard, and used to have so pretty a one, but now,,,just survivors there.  Can’t get out and take care of it any more.  I noticed my pond is almost full of rain water, so I need to get some fish in there, for the mosquito larvae.  Maybe just some minnows this time because it will dry up in the summer.  Not gonna buy goldfish any more.  (bought them at a bait shop)

Ok,,gonna make a move,,,so yall tc, and















Monday, February 20, 2012

Gotta Walk Slow,,,hahahahaha

Jojo is talking about TV,,lol.  I too love the British comedies, but couldn't find them last nite.  And even here, in the boonies, i get a lot of channels with my outside antenna, better pic than HD too.  Most of the shows i watch are on those.  One tv is on the antenna, other 2 on cable.  If you watch shows on the puter, you get to miss the commercials,,,woohooo,,,maybe 1 or 2 15 second ones.  I've had to do that when i miss one i thot i just had to see, so i watch it later on the puter.  Tonite is full of stuff, gonna have to record The Voice to watch 4 others.  And i like the new one so far,,Smash.

I'm still LMAOOOOO about DDs post!!!  Gotta walk slow to remember what i'm doing.  OMG,,,hahahahahaha.  Tears,,,,DD,,that's the bestest i've EVER heard!  If i try it and it works,,i will apologize,,hahahahaha.  Wonder if it will make me remember today is a holiday.

Just heard the wind pick up, not gonna do much tho.  Yesterday was so nice, i even walked a bit further than i had been doing.  OOO yeah,,need to get my pedometer out,,right now!  Done, and of course, has a dead battery.  NP, get one later.

Ok,,all i've got for today, going to games,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fading memory not necessarily Alzheimer's

Fading memory not necessarily Alzheimer's

Normal, MCI, or Alzheimers,,hmmmm

BB, you catching so many fish you can't post?  Must be,,,lololol.  Remember,,i need pics to be convinced,,,

DD thx for removing that 2 word thingy.  And Jojo,,didn't comment cause of it.  Couldn't read the first one anyway.  It's always good to hang out with your kids.  I never used that verification anyway, and never had problems,,put it on briefly to see if it would help keep spam from email.  BUT, NOT gonna do the 2 thang.

I read an article in the paper today, about alzheimers, and then there was a list of things to let you know if you have normal aging, MCI, (never heard of this), or alzheimers. I've spent an hour trying to find that on the statesman's site, BUT, it's not there yet.  MCI= mild cognitive impairment.  I'm in the normal.  When i can find it later, i'll put it on here.  Last nite, i was at my bro Bs house, and G was there too, playing pool, and it came up about a best friend way back,,,what her maiden name was.  WELL, i knew it as well as my own, but i could NOT remember it!!!  She had also been a classmate of Gs.  We discussed this for so long,,i told them i would look it up in my year book, and,,i did.  But, what i'm saying is,,why didn't i remember that?,,And then today, there's all this in the paper about age related memory loss.  hahahahaha... One of the symptoms of normal,,is you joke about it...(gotta quit doing that,,,lololol)

A favorite cousin called last nite from Sherman.  He said he'd just bought a new boat,  ready to load up with fish,,,hear that yall?,,He has lake denison, and can catch tons of fish.  Brings down gallons to have huge fish frys.  Leaves me the leftovers,,YUMMM.  (not cooked leftovers)  He's just had a stent put in one of his legs, and next week, has to have a vein replaced in the other.  In good mood tho,,,we got to laughing about something,,,( memory thing ?) and i almost choked!!  He's had  lots of health problems,, and i HATE it.  Our uncle, that lived there too, taught him all he knew about fishing.  He could catch fish anywhere, any time.  Looked like a full blood Indian,,,which some of us do, showing our heritage.  I'm very proud of that.

This darn silicon thing i put over my keyboard, is wearing out, i think.  It keeps getting wrinkles.  They came in a pack of 2, but,,,none of the places around here sells them.  I had to order online.  Sure protects it, and i haven't had sticky keys since i started using it.  I was told at one place, Office Depot?,,(memory thing,,again,,) that the new keyboards didn't need protecting.  Well,,,ok,,, But,, And just so yall know,,i know where the other one is,,,hahahaha.

Guess that's it for today,, unless i find that list,  yall tc, and



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Day???

Get up this morning and NO COFFEE!,,,The electricity went off during the nite and caused the timer to reset, so,,,,had to wait.  Usually starts off a bad

I think it rained most of the nite, but have no idea how much we got, my gauge showing about 1/2" but i know that's not right.  Still raining sometimes.  wooohoooo.

Ok folks,,i've had it with that double word thangy, just not gonna do it any more.  So if i'm not commenting on your blog, you'll know why.  There's always that one word you can't read so you have to redo, at least once.  And i am gonna complain to google about it too.  I made sure my settings are changed.  If not, let me know, and i will reset them.

Gosh, i didn't realize Monday was a holiday.  Good thing i went to the library yesterday, cause i finished my last book last nite.  But i did get 3 more.  I got the one about J C Dugard.  If autobiographies are up to date, i like to read them.  But if they are like, 15 years old,,,leaves you wondering about those years.  Not gonna read any old ones any more. lol.  There's still a couple i want to read,  one by Gene Simmons, and the other about the guitarist in the Rolling Stones.  What's his name,,,lol.  OOOO yeah!!! Keith Richards!,,,Darn,,,this memory of mine,, I blame it on some of my meds,,,lol,,good excuse, right?

Well,,short stuff today,,like most of the time,,nothing going on.  So yall tc, and


Been messing around in Blogger forum,,NO ONE likes that 2 word thang!  Not sure if this is true or not, but someone said they couldn't change the settings on it, and the answer was to go to the old blogger interface.  Hmmm,,,i think i'm on that just cause i didn't like the new one.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing Like Losing Your Internet Connection

Here i was ,, just sitting here going to my email, and,,,NOTHING there!  From one second to the next.  Got on the phone with verizon, and it took the 2 days to fix my problem,,my modem.  They shipped me a new one out that same day, and i got it the next, but then had to be on the phone til  too late to do anything else.  THEN,,my laptop didn't pick up, so back on the phone again this morning.   GEEZ

When my modem showed up about 2:30 pm yesterday, i unpacked it, plugged everything in, and OOOO NOOO,,,no electric power!  Out to the breaker box i went,,,twice,,,didn't help.  How can this be?  Started bypassing stuff, power strips,,etc,,and thot i found the problem,,one of the power strips.  But,,still can't get online.  Got the power now, but.....  Finally took the splitter off where i plug into the wall jack, went direct, and,,,worked!  Now i know i need a new splitter.  Well, i didn't fool with that yesterday, it could wait.  So that's how it went, was too late to do anything by then, so just logged off.  lol.  But then,, back online early today, getting the router working to my laptop, and NOW,,i have found out my printer won't work from here... Not gonna mess with it NOW.

They are giving me a big credit on my account for this.  Verizon is still my favorite ISP.

I've tried catching up on the blogs, and have done most of them, but i didn't leave any comments.  Saw where BB made it to Falcon,,and DD has lots of tadpoles,,,
Jojo got her MV fixed, rvsue doing something about her oil gauge,,,,But gosh,,was taking so long,, i just quit,,so i could post this.

Like you DD, we were predicted to have about 2 1/2" of rain, but,,won't ever make it.  Now the flash flood map doesn't even include us.  Maybe you tho.

My sis N called me about 7 this morning, and i had been up but gone back to bed, all upset with her JohnnyBoy, (cat),,that was real bad.  He had awakened her about 4, crying with pain, and she had been holding him,,waiting til the vet could see him.  She had him 15 years.  He didn't make it.  When she got to the vet's and put him on the table, he died.  I know everyone has lost beloved pets, and it's so hard.  He was never allowed outside.  She does have 2 outside ones still, and one is gonna have kittens.  Gosh, we might have to bury her, when her little doggie goes.  That's the one i put on Youtube singing Taco Bell.

I cooked yesterday,,,,lololol.  Made up some chicken and rice,,kinda threw stuff together.  Biscuits too.  I'll eat off of it for a few meals, then freezer time.

Anyway, i'm back,,and yall tc, an


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow, Sleet, Wind, Cold,,

Gosh, just couldn't seem to get warm from the time i went to HEB, til last nite.  When the wind is blowing from the N or NW,,,my house just doesn't want to heat up good.  I can tell when the wind stops,,,lol.  Little leaks, like all old houses.  It just seeps in.  I made myself some hot chocolate yesterday,,just sounded good.  And IT WAS...

I drove out to the park,,being careful on the bridges, (was no ice tho) and watched the snow/sleet for a while.  There were about 50 or 60 of the little black ducks on the water.  I even saw Hop a Long when they got out on the bank.

Welll,,, i didn't intend to, but,,,ended up watching all of the Grammys show.  It was  good, and i liked almost all the singing acts.  I missed Jennifer Hudson tho, had gone on to bed.  Saw it today on the news.  Didn't know who Adele was, til last nite, but,,,i sure did like her.  She won a lot.  I didn't think Glen Campbell was gonna make it,,,well, remember the song.  Not sure he did, but what a great performance.  Beach Boys,,great.  I thot they did a great job on short notice, about WH.

Gosh, got off on something else, forgot about this,,,hahahaha,,losing my mind.  Found too much other stuff to fool with.  Made copies of stuff on river access, got off into facebook,,just wasted time.  So,,late now,, yall tc, and



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loved Whitney

Late yesterday i found out she has passed away.  Sooo sad.  So young.  And i know like so many others, drugs and alcohol had been a major part of her life.  And that's sad too.  Why do the super stars need those crutches?  Last time i had seen her was on Oprah,,and i thot it was a year ago.  Found out today, it was in 09.

Made it to HEB yesterday, late.  Got a big load of groceries, my once a month shopping.  Stopped and ate out at the lake,,where my g/dotter works, and gosh,,it was getting COLD.  Not like this morning tho.  Been cold since i got home, seems like.  Bed was warm, but i was up and down most of the nite.  Not much sleep.  I got a kid's choice off the menu, a cheese enchilada, with green sauce,,chili con queso on the side, with pico in it.  And then,, just ate about 1/2, brought the rest home.  My feet kept hurting during the nite, even tho i took an aleve.  Well, this morning i saw why.  I hadn't taken the med for them.  Can't believe that one dose does that.

Snow flurries?,,,,Sleet?,,,not yet.  It's a maybe tho.

O yeah.  The 6 year old boy that the lion drug off, is back in the hospital, they think an infection.  Well,,,DUH.  Still don't know how to add a link here, but the paper i read is:   Since i can't seem to make it clickable, you can copy and paste it.  And i know about using "link" above.  It's not what i used to do.  Lot of trouble if you ask me...

Not much in plans today.  Need to do more research on the river thing.  I'm still getting a few signatures every day.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Are Friends For

My friend S called, then sent me a jar of homemade gumbo stuff.  YUMMM.  OOO,,,also 2 thick slices of homemade bread!  Took a couple of bites, has some jalapeno i can tell,,,lol,,,but i can take it.  (Wimp on hot stuff).  I sent her the last bowl of soup out of my freezer,,just wasn't appealing any more to me.  Needed the room too.  GOT to make a grocery run,,,have a long list.  Been putting it off,  but the next 2 days are gonna be horrible, so,,,today is it.  Maybe,,,lol.  Almost out of milk,,soo,,yep, today is the day.

Didn't see the little black ducks at the park, yesterday.  Went all thru it,,no ducks.  They could have been upstream from the park i guess.  I'm still watching Hop a Long.  I thot it was actually limping on that foot part of the time, so i'm wanting to keep an eye on it.  That was so much better than the dragging.

I haven't done anything worth talking about lately.  Same ol, same ol, ya know.  On the puter too much, lol.  I did finish one of Diann Chamberlain's books, one more to go.  They are hard to put down too.  I think these are the last 2 i hadn't read.  Not sure how many are left of Lee Child's either.  I think i've almost read all of them too.
Hate it, when i have to start looking for a good author again.

Can anybody put click on links in their blogs?  I used to, but now it doesn't work.  What changed?  PLEASE.  I wasted hours yesterday trying to figure this out.  I made changes but nothing worked. I also added word verification after reading on one, that that might help with my spam in my email.  I also took off email link.  (where u get an email for every comment).

Today was soooo Sunday when i got up,,even looked for the coupon books in the paper,,,hahahaha,,,thot, gosh,,strange,,,none today.  I have the calendar on my screen,,so why don't i just look at it every day???,,, I do read my sticky notes.  I'm in the old format of blogger.  Just noticed,,,llololol.  Changed that too.

OK,,,time to git,,,things to do, places to go,,,stuff to eat,,,etc etc,,,yall tc, and


Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Not Up to Par

It's getting so late i didn't think i'd make it. And there were lots of new blogs to read today too. Learned something new,,,you can make your own brown sugar! lol,,,Love it that at my age i can still do that.

Haven't had much get up and go the last 2 days, no idea why. Just not up to par. Did make myself walk a bit yesterday, was forcing, but didn't the day before. Sometimes when i miss a day, i can walk more the next. It's always been that way with exercise for me. Just need that day of rest, i guess.

I know that link i put in that other post wasn't clickable, but,,, you could copy and paste. Still don't know why you couldn't click. I do that on other blogs if i have to. Guess i could have changed it, but,,, just didn't. hmmm,,, Just discovered i can't make a clickable link... Used to just use the www and it would...Doesn't work now. Will have to look into that. All this new blogger,,,do NOT like it.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, February 9, 2012


I posted links to 2 storys yesterday, and there was not even one comment. The one about the mountain lion grabbing and dragging off the 6 year old boy when they were leaving the Chisos Mts Lodge in Big Bend Nat'l Park,, was so horrifying to me,, i thot there would be others that thot so too. His mom was even holding his hand when the lion attacked. I don't think anybody has ever heard of something like this. If you didn't look it up, it's there in yesterday's post.

O well, i'm guilty about not hitting links in posts too, sometimes do, sometimes don't.

Gosh, seeing this message below saying ,,could not contact, saving and publishing may fail,,,retrying,, hmmmm,,,what's going on now?

Got a kick out of DDs post today. This comes up AFTER i've thrown away all that OLD stuff,,,hahahahaha,,, Guess i'm just not a prepper. lol. Wonder if those preppers have looked at the expiration dates? I have no idea what kind of stuff would keep forever. Do yall?

I'm uploading that other coral snake thing to Youtube today,,and it takes forever! I'm gonna put a warning on it about handling one. OMG,,, still makes me have chills to think about him doing that. No anti venom in US any more for them. The reason i'm doing it is because it shows it shedding and then burying itself for hibernation. He didn't think that's ever been seen before, so that's why. Wish i could have deleted the handling.

If this is the new blogger, then i do NOT like it. When i do preview, it won't go back to this. I have to go thru dashboard, then edit. Guess i won't do preview any more til i'm ready to publish.

I really need to get up and move, do a few things,,,so,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There's 2 things in today's paper i want to share with you. This is unreal!

Then this other i can't believe,,,lol,,,

Who'd a thot it? Guess it means i can eat all those potato chips i want, if i leave bread out...hahahaha,,not really. Kinda shocking, huh?

My bro G came by yesterday morning and that's why i didn't get the blog done. We're getting things ready for the city council meeting, and as soon as we can, we will set it up on the agenda. We discussed what we had done, and what we still needed to do. Besides getting more signatures. I just talked to a business here, where i eat more than anywhere else, but she told me that there were no petitions of any kind allowed to be left there. Most of them are that way. But,,bring it by, and they would sign it...

I don't talk about the weather on here, cause there's enough in others,,,lol,,,but today is just NOT a good day. I have always loved to drive on days like this, cloudy and cool. Wish i had somewhere i wanted to go,,,lololol. Heard that darn gas will more than likely go up to 4.00 a gal by May...GEEZZZ I'm sure not using much, staying put. It's so high now, it doesn't pay to go to Walmart or HEB for groceries. Now, that's just too darned high!! It would take about 4 gal to go to Walmart. Just don't think i can make it add up,,for savings. I know how to drive for the best gas mileage too.

My son made it to San Antonio to his spine doctor yesterday for the spinal block shots he has to take every so often. Another back surgery is in the future, but he always puts it off as long as possible...This will be #5. The bone grafts didn't take on the 1st one, and a year later, had to have it redone. He made them use bone from his hip, and it was good. This was when he was 21 or 22, and it's been the others since then. He said the doc really fussed at him for not coming sooner. Like, 2 months ago. He can't go thru check points, without setting alarms off,,,lololol. Got too much metal up and down his spine. He was in a car wreck, and thrown about 50 feet out, wasn't the driver, but he also fell about 40 feet onto packed gravel after climbing up the side of a building. Broke both ankles, but i've always thot it jammed his spine too, causing all the problems later.

Ok,,on to something else,,,makes me cry to think about it. Wish it had been me,,,you know.

I haven't read the other blogs yet, so that's where i'm heading. See yall later,,tc and


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

No Win,,

WOW, rvsue sure had a bad hair day,,huh....I can put myself in her place, and would NOT want that kind of company. Heck, i don't even like to put where i am on my blog. Never did. Like,,on my email, i never put my name, just don't like it being out there. But she has been so open, and gotten so much great advice, and help,,and now it's shutting off? lololol...well,,,ok. I hate to see that, cause i really liked the blog,,,heck, i'm still missing hobojoe...

Ok,,on to something what?,,, OOOO YEAH!!!,,,Super bowl!,,,I didn't win that pot,,,an 8 did. Think my bro G had it. I was home watching a movie, but would switch over sometimes. That 8 came up right at the end. That safety at the beginning made the 2, 5, and 8 good numbers...lololol.. Got 2 movies being recorded today, then tonite, gotta record the Voice, missed it last nite after the ball game.

Bro B had rib eyes cooked, and i was sooo hungry for steak, i tried to eat some. It was so tender, but still wouldn't go down. Ended up upchucking just about all i ate, (few bites). It had gotten stuck kinda bad, cause later i ate a peanut butter sandwich,,and it hurt too. Lots came back up. Sorry about talking about that,,, I am gonna have the band loosened all the way as soon as i can, just never gonna work for me. That tiny bit of fill i got last time, created this problem, so there's just no way i can ever get to the 'right' spot. I can't drink during the nite either, i have to rinse my mouth out for the thirst. Otherwise it comes back up when i lay down. Woe is me,,,hahahaha,,,

I did get some walking in yesterday, even tho it was windy and cold, and cloudy. lol, Made m e walk faster. I'm wearing my r&r shoes, they work good for it. I got real close to little ducky, and that leg is messed up down by the foot. At that joint. It's not holding the foot up, is dragging it. Not good, i know. It bends all the joints down to that one. But it's still eating, flying, swimming,,,etc.

Got some more signatures on our petition yesterday, too. Makes 25 just in this neighborhood. And there were several not home. And a few that didn't sign. Making progress.

Ok, outa here, yall tc, and


Sunday, February 5, 2012

This, That, and the Other

Not sure how much super bowl i'll watch, just want to know the ending score...lololol...want my 9. I've found movies on all day, otherwise. Recording 3, gosh, nearly ran out. Have one left after last nite. There's a Stephen King coming on at 7 pm,,might watch that one. Hate to miss the Voice, but,,,wth is it coming on after the ball game? I'm going to bro Bs house for some of it.

Called my sis N yesterday and got an answering machine,,well ok,,,thot she had gotten the new one and hooked it up....Tried her cell, didn't get that either, so,,later tried the house one again,,,same thing,,answering machine.
When she called me back later, there's NO answering machine!!! Now, wth is going on???,,,Still doing it today. I told her to call it from her cell, check it out. Then call the phone company tomorrow.

Saw the little duck yesterday, and it's still hopping, but good. Saw it fly into the water once, when the others did, so the only thing it can't do is walk on that one leg. I don't know why i never see chicks,,from any of them. Years ago, used to see baby geese (whatever they're called,,,) but not any more. There's so many predators i guess they don't make it, or even the eggs.

When i went out to Ns house, we walked down to her chicken pen, only 4 hens left, so she could put fresh water in for them. OMG,,,it stunk so bad, just from 3 days. Sometimes during certain weather, things sour, and this had. She said she still wasn't getting eggs, then looked and there were 3,,,lololol. They're putting on new feathers and look so good, even the rooster,,not one feather any more....lololol. She said it sleeted early today! Not here tho. She's 10 miles West.

Today is sure a stay-in day. Wish i had a pot of stew, or chili. Don't even have the makings, so,,,i'll eat what i have. S gave me so much yesterday, i still have 2 or 3 meals left. OOOO YEAH,,,she gave me some 16 bean soup!!! OOKKKK. Need to make some cornbread,,which i do have the mixes.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey, We're Back in Winter

Where is our rain?,,,, all this weather forecasting,, HUH!! I did see one that showed how much was predicted, and for here,,,,zero!!! lolol,,,All around showed at least a little, but,,,,here,,,,ZERO,,, Got it right once.

I didn't make it out to the park yesterday to check on the little duck but to answer one,,there is a park attendant, but i'm afraid he might just do away with it,,,that's why i haven't said anything. As far as i can tell, there's no fishing line or hook on it, and i can get pretty close. It eats and swims and flies, so i'm for just leaving it alone. It does get tired and lays down when it's on the bank. But others do too. lol.

Lots of bloggers didn't post yet, today. Miss em. I really didn't want to, seems like there's nothing to say, just rambling. When i used IE for blogs, i started getting a pop up window, saying blogger wouldn't work right with IE any more. Since i had Chrome on here already, was no problem to switch. I used to have Firefox and IE, but i looked up the comparisons of the 3, and Chrome was 1st, then IE, Firefox last, so i took FF off, put Chrome on. Speed was my main choice,,of course. Heck, they are all so competitive, they keep up on all of them with improvements.

I think the front is just now cooling us off, earlier i had to turn the heat down, now i'm getting chilly, need to turn it up.

Wish TV would do something about weekends,,,from Fri. on, thru Sun. i either leave it off, or watch movies. I record them, so i always have some. Plugged one in last nite, and i had already watched both of them, on that tape. One was about the kid doing a journal,,can't think of the name, and the other was Avatar. Guess it was ok but sure wouldn't want to watch it again. Don't know how that got mixed in with the ones i haven't watched, but it's not now,,,lol. That's something i need to do today,,,check the movies on,,see if i want any.

Yall tc, and


Friday, February 3, 2012

Football Time!

Bro B called a bit ago, and asked if i wanted a number for a 200.00 pot. YES!!!,,I drew a 9. 10 numbers, 20.00 each. Pays for end of game score. For yall that don"t know how this works,,you add the 2 scores, then take the right side number. 27+12=39,,,,MY 9!! Wish me luck! lololol. He also said his oldest son is playing a football game tomorrow in Marble Falls,,,He is sooo good. Might go. It's some kind of league thing. He made the only score in their last game. He told them at 1/2 time, pass it to ME,,so they did, 4 times in a row, with him catching them all, gaining, then scoring. Love to watch him play. Stupid coach in high school never used him right. He jumps like a deer too, lol.

That little duck is still hopping on one leg, saw it yesterday. I had high hopes, but not so much now.

Going out to Ns house later, haven't been out there in a while. Great weather to be outside. Got 4 more signatures on the petition yesterday, in the neighborhood. Haven't heard back from our game warden yet. And i did call again, left a voice mail. No telling how far a territory he works, so it might take a while to look at it.

A house right on the edge of Llano, burned yesterday, but the worst was, it was just about fully engulfed before it was seen. Out where it was. I feel so bad for them, not home, everything burning. Horrible! When i was in the 3rd grade, our house burned but almost everything was gotten out, not burned. I could see the smoke from the school. Knew it was our house because of the huge oak tree there. That was so horrifying to me, that even after i grew up, if i wasn't home when i heard the fire siren, i would rush there. Now i have scanners. We had that siren until the fire dept. starting using their own scanners, and tones to call.

Got my oatmeal made for lunch, so, yall tc, and


Thursday, February 2, 2012

All Duckies,,Not in a Row


Never tried fishing like THAT!  Well, getting there to do it,,,


Jojo, these are the little ducks, hope somebody can identify them,,,I can’t find them in my bird book.  I watched a long time yesterday, and was close, but I never saw the one that was crippled the day before.  Sooo hope it got ok.  It never put it’s foot down at all, the day before.  Hopped on one, but seemed to swim ok.

Both bros came by this morning, so this is gonna be short.  Also, it was after 3 am before I went to sleep last nite.  Think that calls for a nap!

Need to do a little research on “applied” right of way, here in TX.  It’s kinda  like a grandfather clause.  If a trail, road, whatever, has been in use for a long time, no one can shut it off, even the property owner.  Was told it held up in most cases when someone tried to shut off one.  That would definitely help us,,,  Bro G has almost 100 signatures,,, and I found 2 men that are gonna be tremendous help.  I’m going by and talk to a former city councilwoman that loves to buck the system, and see if we can get her on our side. 

Ok gone for today,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Gosh, i get off into something else and get lost in it. lololol. Was looking into this new Google stuff, including blog. That's how i forgot i hadn't done one yesterday. I didn't follow my routine, and left out that step. Didn't even know it til way late, so i just didn't do one. Almost did it again. Read on one about spam stuff, and that's what i was looking into. I don't seem to get any on my blog, but the blocker had some. So i guess it's working good, huh? I'm open to all, no word verification, (hate it) and still not being bothered with spam.

Out at the park yesterday, there was one of the loons?,, little black birds with tails about an inch long, stay on the water a lot. Well anyway, one of them couldn't walk on one leg. It hopped along on the bank eating, so i spent a lot of time watching it, to see if it could swim, and yes, it did. They all took off into the water, but i don't think this one flew, think it walked, but i walked over there to be sure it wasn't down low on the bank. It was in the water, so i hope it'll be ok.

Ok,, gonna warn ya, if anybody! uses that F word in my comments, i will ban them. I haven't seen that on these blogs til yesterday. NOT the place. And that's how i feel about it. As kids we got our mouths washed out with soap if we even said HECK. loolool.. I told my kid's friends that that word hurt my ears, and they didn't use it any more, around me. I'm sure my kids used all kinds of words i didn't, but they had enough respect to not do it around me. I didn't use them, to set an example. If i say it, then you can,,,lololol Yep, around the bars, you're gonna hear lots of bad words, and i just let them go over my head, tuned them out.

Someone was talking about commercials,,i hate them too, most of em. I pick my book up and read during them, all except one. I love that one,,the little green geiko lizard. And i will watch most of the super bowl ones, online. All time fav on those was the giant armadillo. Then the Bud team of Clysdales,,with the colt. They have done it again,,passed the volume thing for commercials,,,wonder if it will work this time? I remember way back, it was done, and they never got lowered,,,so,,,,guess we can hope,, HA! HA!

It's after 1 pm and i'm still not out of my robe. lololol.. No hurry, not going anywhere,,,maybe later, to check out that little bird. I need to look those up in my bird book,,

Ok,,enough outa me,,yall tc, and