Monday, January 26, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

lol Love this Tx weather. Who could live in cold all the time?

DD is talking about gardens. I had one, once. Had help to start with, but,,, ended up with none, and everything i put up, in the freezer, like i was told how to do, had to throw away, was a bad taste. Have no idea what happened, but that ended ANY garden for me. Like i always said, in spring and summer, you can find all that stuff on the side of the road, or in grocery stores, and NOOOO work.

My Dad always had to have a garden, even when he became disabled. One year, he got the onions in (Mom) and called me later that day telling me to bring my youngest son back to his house. LOLOLOL,, my son, about 6, had gotten mad at him and went out and pulled all those onions up.Well, guess what?,, i totally agreed, get out there and plant all those onions back!! But it was still funny.

One more. Son was about 8 and carried a can of worms into the house, and mom told him to take those worms back outside....Next morning, my bro got up, stuck his hand into a drawer for socks, and started yelling. It was dark. Guess where the worms were.... hahahaha.

This is the one i lost, when he was 16, and no matter how long, you always, always miss them. Lost my dad in 85, then him in 86.

Ive tried for over an hour to put a document on here, and it will NOT work.,, So, yall tc, and