Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Catch-Up

Gosh, these are getting harder and harder, nothing to say. 

Those 3 teens around the fires all the time in Kingsland, were picked up and questioned, and there hasn't been any since.  Kinda tells you right there,,doesn't it?

The gate is still up on Salem St, but it HAS to be taken down.  The city keeps stalling on telling the owner that.  Now the mayor has turned it over to another man to tell him,,lolololol.  It will be done,,,Better watch out for us "Troubles",,  lolol.

G and I went out to Ns late yesterday and just sat around and visited for a while.  He helped her move her dryer out to replace the vent hose thingy.  She had to crawl over the washer and get behind it to do it, after it was pulled out.  Tight space.  But, it got done, and he adjusted the sliding doors too.  She never knew they could be done.  It's in a mobile home.  She had had a couple of watermelon vines come up, and got 2 off them.  This last one was yellow, and i ate a little,,soooo good.  Her okra is just getting started.

 I know how good that home grown stuff is, but it was never worth it to me.  And truth be known,,it probably costs more to grow it.  You can get good produce in the summer everywhere.  I learned the hard way, BUT i sure learned.  So yall can have your gardens,,i'll find a road side vendor.  lol.  After i don't know how many years, i can eat all the tomatoes i want now.  Without the tongue ulcers.  Need to find some more.

Well, yall tc, and