Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rest of the Story

BB, does Andrea, and Uri, have a blog?  I think she would be wonderful to read.  Come from Minn. to the TX coast? Wow. 

Ok, done my first sentence, and i'm still blank.  hahahaha,,Nothing to say.  Thinking how much more interesting Andrea's blog would be, traveling like that.  Not even sure if she reads mine, but wish she would and let me tell her,,PLZ PLZ,,do blogs.  lololol.,, the rest of the story.  Sure like this man.  He has a web site, but i couldn't find it earlier.  Maybe yall can.

My friend S, gave me a big bowl of chicken and dumplings yesterday.  yummmmm.  Enough for maybe 3 meals.  Had one of those for supper last nite.  Also some egg salad, and bite size snacky stuff.  (different meat ones).  We called and canceled our Dec 6 appointment in Austin, put it off til Jan.  I'm not sure what will happen when i get my band tightened again, even a tiny bit.  Don't want to have to do another emergency run.  And sure don't want pneumonia again.

Talk about moving South, we are getting lots of snow birds here too.  There's a new park going in, that will hold a lot, don't remember the number, but i would guess about 50-70.  It's also on the river, before you get out to the city park 2 miles W of town.  It's a shame there's not a state one here.  Well, for RVs.

Just got my delivery from the Drug Store, my refills.  They are in the new building, and have 2 lanes for drive thrus, but,,,,,last time i used the main one, was just 1 vehicle ahead of me, and we both sat and waited, and waited, then,,,i did the same when it left.  Took over 20 minutes to get thru the drive thru!!!  Told em, that's it for me.  Just go back to delivery.   There was never anyone in the other lane, just so that's clear.  Found out later, there was just one clerk working the inside counter, and the drive thru.    She couldn't help it.  Need me to get that place organized, hahahahaha.. that was always my thing.

Been cleaning the inside of my windows today, for SOME ungodly reason.  But,,woooohoooo, do they look good!!!!!!!!  Still like the front 2 rooms, that's 6 big ones.  That windex stuff works so good on the outside, looks like i did them by hand, like i used to do.  Remember that stuff i showed yall?  They are easy to clean now, without the smoke grime.  And stay for a long time.

Told you, i can just talk about nothing,,,,lolololol.

The left side of my face hurts.  When i rub it, there's a sore spot somewhere around the jaw joint.  O well, guess i'll just keep cleaning windows..  Even up high on my cheekbone.  Got any ideas?  Pretty sure it's not a tooth, just got thru with all of that earlier this year. 

Bbl,,gonna clean a window, take an aleve.


Got all the windows done, but one room.  And,, the new doors.  Then,,know what i said?,, It can wait til tomorrow!!  My favorite words.  lololol.  Maybe even the next day. 

Got a complaint.  Why do people put all the pickles right in the MIDDLE of a burger???,,Stacked, right there in the middle!  I have to pull em out, toss em.  (forget to tell em to leave em off).  I've finally found a fairly good burger, and you're not gonna believe where,,but,,i'll tell you anyway.  It's at the Sonic,,,but u have to get the double meat, double cheese one to get a juicy one.  Bun was cold, but in that foil package, it kinda warmed up.  I can just eat half, but eat the rest tomorrow.  Or maybe some chicken and dumplings,,,or,,, hahahahaha.  All kinds of choices.

Well, i'm just killing time til the X Factor comes on.  I'll watch the end of the CMA awards after that, then,,,nighty nite.  When i vote on X Factor, i vote for about 6,,,lololol,,,can't make up my mind.  Too many gooooood ones!  Besides, i like Simon Cowell.  There will be one voted off, tomorrow nite.  Tell me which ones you like.

Ok,,back tomorrow,,,