Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Tuesday? Are You Sure?

What day is it?,,,that's what i woke up wondering.  For some reason, thot it was Saturday.  I'm still in my nothing to say funk, and it's just Tuesday.

I tried to change this font, and it didn't work.   Was gonna make it a little bigger, but,,,, Went thru all the steps to do it, then,,,get here and it's not changed.  If i do it above, it's TOO big.  OOO What to do?,,what to do?  Now it'll bug me til i get it done.  I can spend hours, days, doing something like this, then i finally call for help.  lololol.  Well, won't for this, but i mean stuff on the puter.  Found it's the quickest way to get a problem fixed. 

Heard rain when i woke up this morning,,lasted a whole 2 minutes.  But it did get my paper package wet.  The carrier always puts them in a plastic bag, so the paper itself is never wet.  Nothing of interest today, who cares about Dr Murray, and the OK earthquake is still undecided what caused it.  They say all the drilling didn't. lololol.  The fracking stuff.

Today is just a good day to finish my book.  Found a couple more James Lee Burke ones i hadn't read.  The Dave Robicheaux ones, set in Louissssianna.  Had read them all, but in the few years since, there's some new ones.  Mentions zydeco music,,,which i LOVE.  Mentioned it one time and they had never heard of it, and this was supposedly a music connoisseur.  There was a band that used to come out of Austin and play at a bar in Marble Falls.  Really good one.,,,Then they always have one at the crawfish open here in April.  What was the name of the one way back, did cajun music?  Jim Kershaw?  Liked him too, still have an album of his.  Butterbean couldn't understand how i wasn't into country, i think,,but WTH wants to hear that depressing cry in ur beer stuff?  Give me something with a beat, makes me MOVE. Aaaaiiiieeeeeeeeee

Well, got music, books covered...hahahahaha,,nothing to say.  Told ya,, just type that first word,,,it just takes on a life of it's own.   See how far i got from,,,what day is it?  lmaoo... know you can do it too, soo,,,get on that keyboard.

Sure miss all yall, taking all this time off.  And i don't think Hermit ever reads my comments, cause i catch his blog lots later than the others.,  Anyway, Hermit,,i'm there every day to enjoy.  Just wanted you to know that.

Bye yall,,,HAGD