Friday, April 22, 2011


hahahaha,,, used to matter,,,Now i have to look to c what day im on.  I love my gadgets, have a clock and a calendar on this screen.  Also, lots of little yellow sticky notes.  Soooo easy to keep up with things.  O yeah, also have my calculator for doing checkbook.  I was a bookkeeper for so many years, i ran those things sight unseen.  Like typing.  Probably about 90 #s a min, r more, lol..   Helped do an audit one time, for a bank, ran numbers for hours!!!  That was back when i worked for a CPA.  And that was my first job.

Gotta tell u the story how that came about.  After  all my 3 kids were in school, had lots of time, and was doing volunteer work at the library.  The librarian always told everybody i could do the work of 2 people in 1/2 the time. Well, one day, this woman came in, said they were new in town, and her hubby was a cpa.  In the process of talking to her, the librarian mentioned me, and later this lady came back and asked if i would come work for them!!  I told HIM i had never done any bookkeeping, but he said GOOD, that way it would be easier to teach me the double entry type, that i used from then on.  This was all back before computers.  And later, i also did it using a puter.  I was applying for that job, and the man asked me if i had ever used one, i said yes, just got thru with 5 months of classes,,then he asked how i got along with old people, (had 1 there in her 80s, thot she knew all), told him i had worked years in home health care with seniors.  Then he asked did i know anything about filing insurance claims,,yep, had worked in that 8 years too. hahahahaha,,,next ?,,,when could i come to work? hahahaha

Had that same thing happen back when i applied for a bk job.  There had been an ad in the paper for 3 weeks, wanting a bk for the 2nd largest employer here in town.   I had just quit the insurance one, so i finally called and asked if they had hired one yet,,,he said they thot so.  Well, in 2 minutes, my phone rang and he said could i come over?  I did, talked to him a minute, and he asked the same,,,,when could i start? lololol,,,the woman that was leaving knew i had worked with the CPA.  Learned everything about granite, in the years i worked there.  The son took over and lost the company in 5 years, and thats when i got into home health care,,,learned i loved it.  No more sitting in the same chair, same room, 40 hours a week.  Learned i hated that. lololol  Took a long paid vacation tho,,,unemployment, for 11 months.  Worked for cash as a bar tender for a while during that, loved that too.  Found out i could BS with the best. hahahahaha

Think ill get into the shower and get dressed early for a change.


Back,,forgot about telling about using a penny on stings.  Worked for me, after a paper wasp sting.  U hold a penny on it for 10 minutes, no pain, no swelling,,its gone.  Keeping a penny handy now.   Sure would like to hear from somebody else about doing that.

Thot i heard thunder last nite when i went to bed,, but went on to sleep.  Woke up about midnite, and YEP,,,it was,,,popping like crazy.  Got enough rain to wet the top of the ground, didnt even register in the gauge.  Have noooo idea where it came from.  Wasnt anything to make u even think that could happen.  WANT MORE.