Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DD Brings Back Memories AGAIN

His talk of planes brought back the memory of those stealth bombers scaring us so bad we almost wrecked our car.  You're driving along on a small rural route, close to Killeen, and Ft Hood, and these 2 planes almost take your roof off, huge things.  They appeared going over the tree tops on the side of the road,,no noise.  We watched them doing maneuvers down low in the hills, turning on a dime, in and out of them, til they were out of sight.  We tried to find something about them, later, but there was nothing.  My hubby drew pictures.  Years later, found out what they were.  As a bird flys, i'm probably 50 miles from Ft Hood.  But we were just a few back at that time.  They were amazing,, even now i would think they are.

Jude came in earlier, then had to go out,, and just now he wanted back in.  LOL,,, it's cold out there.  When i opened the door, he raced by me and didn't stop til he got in the front of the house.... hahahaha,,,  That's where my space heater is.  Silly kitty,,, didn't know he had it in him,,,he's as old as me,, in his cat years.  Sometimes he holds one of his back legs up, won't walk on it.  He has arthritis too.  If it gets worse, i'll get something from the vet.

Talking about Jude,,, i watched that Beatles reunion Sunday nite, and it was soooo goood.  Heard later it had more viewers than the Olypics.

I haven't watched those, but there are a few things i'l like to.   Some of the snowboarding,, jumping stuff.   Especially with ? White. Think it's the half pipe thing.

Got up way too early today, 6:30.  Now i'm hungry way early too.  And to think, i used to do this every work day.  Love being retired, and mostly for that reason,,,NO ALARMS!!

Yall tc, and