Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hmmm,,, Nothing to Say,,, AGAIN

Just a quick update.  Cause there's nothing.  Same ol, Same ol.

Was 21* when i got up this morning.  And NOT talking about weather.

Hip's still hurting, don't know what to do.  First thing i do when i get up hurting, is take the 2 aleve.  Takes about an hour to work.

I've been taking a box of jello to my 5 yo niece, and she's gotten good enough i think she could do it herself.  Well, yesterday i took a box of chocolate pudding.  Yep, she loved it.  I had asked if it was ok, cause it takes 2 cups of milk.

The Voice is back, and soooo much better than Idol.  It's so funny with the judges cutting up all the time, more a comedy show.... lolol.  BUT, the singers are lots better too.  The judges on Idol are BLAH.

My g/dotter lost her job Monday,, was told that she was "disconnected",, WTH does that mean?  She always said she loved her job, so, how could she be doing something to get fired?  We think they had to hire someone else, so did this to her.  She was in shock, totally blindsided.  It was part time, and now, she's gonna set up a booth in a place here, to sell her crafts.  She's so talented!

Don't like trying to post a blog, when it's so boring.  So sorry, yall, tc, and


Friday, February 21, 2014

Nothing Going On

I did NOT know what day it was today,,, Thursday or Friday.  I finally saw it on TV,,  Good thing i don't have anything i had to do.

My hip is wonderful.  It doesn't hurt to walk.  Since this is just the 3rd day, i'm still taking it easy, not pushing it.  It usually takes a few days to take full effect.  No spasms at all.  I can't raise my leg much yet, but not having to drag it when i walk.

My computer stills gives me trouble sometimes.  Then i spend a couple of days,, trying to get rid of stuff that's showed up.. I'm running malware quite a bit.  It's mainly in mozilla firefox.  Sooo, i'm using IE most of the time, and i even put google chrome on too.  Firefox still has my full list of bookmarks, so can't just get rid of it.  And yes, i did import.

I wake up so much during the nite,, thirsty, having to get up to get a drink.  Last nite when i went to bed i used that biodene and didn't have the thirst like usual, so going to do it again tonite, and see if it will always help.

Got no plans,, and a weekend is coming up.  Wow, last one of Feb. too.

Yall tc, and


Monday, February 17, 2014

OOO Yeah, Today is Some Kind of Holiday

Just realized yesterday, we're having our March winds!  Hit again a while ago.  Got my wind chimes rattling around good.

My apt. for the hip injection is in the morning,, 10 am.  I think the reason it didn't work good last time, were the spasms i had for days.  I never recovered from those.  Learned a good lesson,,, take it really easy for a few days, let that stuff do it's job.

Put some brownies in my toaster oven, set my timer, and just checked.  Still raw!  Now, WTH?  Put the temp up another 50*, see if another 20 minutes will work.  I had this other oven put back, and when the previous one messed up cooking toast, i got this one out and thot it was great.  So, don't know what's going on.

My typing doesn't show up here, as i'm doing it,,, stays behind.   lololol 

Hmmmm, now i'm smelling brownies!  I cooked half a mix of cake last week, and had thot i had frosting.  When i didn't i did have chocolate  syurp,,,lol.   So that's what i used with it,  was soooo good.  That half mix was in the store, and for me was perfect.  I don't use my large oven, the gasket doesn't seal.  So anything i cook has to be toaster oven size.,

Well, yall tc, and


Sunday, February 16, 2014

River Crossing


I went W on 29, then had to cross the river on this slab, to go to my Sis’s house yesterday.   It’s very narrow, just room for one vehicle.


I was trying to get one showing the granite river bed, but doing this backwards,, didn’t work very good. 


I’ll get better ones some day… lol.  On the far side is where the river runs under it.   We used to fish all around it.

I had my young boys, and my bro B, out there one day fishing, and they had wandered off up the river, and I had gone down to another place.  Two women had shown up and were in the swimming hole, and the boys had wandered back and were staring at them,,, they were topless!!  I was so mad,,, I got back up there, and told them,," Don’t yall have any shame?” and other things.  Then we left.  The boys laughed and laughed about me telling them off, since they would have made about 3 of me… I told them if they had looked half way decent, wouldn’t have been so bad… lololol.   One’s boobs hung down to her waist, and she weighed about 250.

Besides that, they were lesbians.

About that time,, maybe mid 70s,, there was a nudist camp up around Castel.  But these two were not part of that.  The “boys” still think it’s funny.

Gosh, I can hardly get up in the mornings.  My back won’t let me straighten up, or walk.  I limp around and get 2 aleve down as soon as I can, then drink my coffee, read the online paper.  Sit still for a bit, then it’s better,, not gone, but better.  My mattress isn’t old, maybe 5 years, and firm.  Don’t think that’s the problem.

Like I was telling BB, I have 2 kids,,?,, lol.  And, they run the other way, so they won’t have to help do anything for me.  It’s sad to know that’s the way things are.  I had a really hard time just getting somebody to come by and reach under my sink to turn the water back on for my icemaker.  My older bro B, did it, but it’s hard for him to get up too.  He’s 2 years younger than me.  Then, I have to pay the man that mows for me, to clean out around my store room and mow.  I need my mattress turned, but,,,,,, ha ha.  Used to be able to do it by myself.  I know my son lives with pain ALL the time, at 48, and always will, so I feel bad to whine about mine, knowing his back problems.  O well, that’s why I sure don’t look forward to my future.  Getting older and worse.

I lost another cousin Thursday.  He was cutting a tree down and it fell on him.  Don’t know any details, and he had done that forever.  I haven’t seen him in about 25 years or so, but sure hate it.  He was in his mid 60s. Up around Paris TX.

Yall tc, and



















Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DD Brings Back Memories AGAIN

His talk of planes brought back the memory of those stealth bombers scaring us so bad we almost wrecked our car.  You're driving along on a small rural route, close to Killeen, and Ft Hood, and these 2 planes almost take your roof off, huge things.  They appeared going over the tree tops on the side of the road,,no noise.  We watched them doing maneuvers down low in the hills, turning on a dime, in and out of them, til they were out of sight.  We tried to find something about them, later, but there was nothing.  My hubby drew pictures.  Years later, found out what they were.  As a bird flys, i'm probably 50 miles from Ft Hood.  But we were just a few back at that time.  They were amazing,, even now i would think they are.

Jude came in earlier, then had to go out,, and just now he wanted back in.  LOL,,, it's cold out there.  When i opened the door, he raced by me and didn't stop til he got in the front of the house.... hahahaha,,,  That's where my space heater is.  Silly kitty,,, didn't know he had it in him,,,he's as old as me,, in his cat years.  Sometimes he holds one of his back legs up, won't walk on it.  He has arthritis too.  If it gets worse, i'll get something from the vet.

Talking about Jude,,, i watched that Beatles reunion Sunday nite, and it was soooo goood.  Heard later it had more viewers than the Olypics.

I haven't watched those, but there are a few things i'l like to.   Some of the snowboarding,, jumping stuff.   Especially with ? White. Think it's the half pipe thing.

Got up way too early today, 6:30.  Now i'm hungry way early too.  And to think, i used to do this every work day.  Love being retired, and mostly for that reason,,,NO ALARMS!!

Yall tc, and


Friday, February 7, 2014

Bad Weather

Gosh, all you hear on the news is  WEATHER.  They said to delay school opening, then later, cancel for the day.  All govn offices are staying closed, the banks are closing at noon.....As for me,, i'm staying home,,,at least for the time being.

DD was talking about his little dogs, reminded me of dotter and bro were playing out front of Mom's house, and this little bitty ball of fluff came running up to them, from somewhere.  Bro thot it was a baby polar bear,,,hahahahah,,, it was about as big as a man's fist, hair over her face, but little tiny eyes showing out a little.....At the time, we didn't know she was a maltese, was before they were popular, but i had seen one in a disney movie named Moppet... sooo,,,that's what i named her...We had her for a few months, but,,, had a new carpet and i couldn't get her trained, so gave her to my best friend across the street.  Later, i found out how much someone had paid for that little dog,,,years later my boss bought one for his wife,,,at $500.  We watched for ads, newspaper notices, there was never anything.  She had 2 houses,,,ours and the other one..... so she came to visit a lot.  Lived for years, and died of heart failure.

 The first nite at our house, i put her in the bathroom and she was really crying,,,and my old tom cat!! wanted in.  And he comforted her!  She always thot she was a cat...hahahahaha.  Would run up to a female we had,,,all greetings,,,  One time my cat had kittens,,and spit and slapped her!,, She was sooo shocked....Backed up and looked at her...Used caution after that...

Gosh i had forgotten having her... TY DD.  She got a hair cut too, had that long kinky hair that would get hairballs too.  She got shaved,,, and,, she thot she was sooo pretty... came prancing over to show off.

Lunch time,, so yall tc, and


Thursday, February 6, 2014


It hasn't been above freezing today, high was 28.  Gonna stay like that until about noon tomorrow.  Jude's been in napping all day, running out for a few minutes when necessary.  He's old and decrepid like me,, and sometimes he holds one of his back legs up.  I'm sure it's arthritis.  I think we're about the same age.

I can comment on blogs now,,,, why, i have no idea.  From one day to the next, it worked. 

Somewhere i read that taking glusosamine sulfate at 2000 mg twice a day, had worked wonders for someone.  So when i reordered my vitamins. i got some of that too.  I'll let yall know if it does what it's supposed to.  lol, The order was left on my porch today, and when i brought it in, it was frozen.  i just set it down and left it til later.

Ok, good tv nite, so better close down, yall tc, and


Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Know How I Keep Doing It

I can't comment on your blogs, unless, i click on the word,,,comment.  Then i keep having to go back and forth, doing that.  I tried to put a calendar on my screen, but didn't get that done,,, windows took their gadgets off, so i tried to use another one.  THEN, i ran my malware to clean up what i had gotten, and in the process, that comment thing happened.

i have to make a trip to the store, and keep putting it off.  Need milk and orange juice.  Couple of other things too.

My 2 for the pot, was good at half time, but we don't like divided pots, then a one won the final.  I didn't even look until this morning.  I had come home at half time and watched a movie.

I woke up about 2AM, and when i sat up, i reeled so bad, i just flopped back on the bed to keep from hitting the floor.  I laid there a few minutes, then very cautiously,  I sat up, stayed still a few minutes, then again, veryyyy carefully, made my way to the bathroom.  I seemed ok if i kept my head upright and still.  This was the same thing i had done before, that inner ear thing.  I tried to go back to bed, but,, no way.  I found the motion sickness pills and took one, went to my chair, and kept wondering if i should call my son, or the ambulance.  As long as i kept my head still, i seemed ok.  Sooo,,, i sat there for an hour or more, and tried to kick back during that time.  My head still didn't like that.  I think finally that pill took effect and i stayed back and dozed another hour.  Then i went back to bed.  I slept til 9.30 and after lunch i napped again......So it's really hard to make myself move. 

That just happens out of the clear blue.  No way to prevent it.  Horrible feeling.

Ok, i'm outa here, yall tc, and


Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Far,, About 88

Almost all the ranchers want my bro to come get these out of the dens.  There was a small hole in his carrier,,,and someone asked about the rattles laying up under his tool box,,,lol.  Had one of the larger snakes attached.  So while he was patching the hole, they were keeping the snakes attention from the side of the cage he was working on... You don't just pick up something out of his truck,,,had another one get out too, so who knows,,, i'm sure not gonna dig around.

They, my 2 brothers, brought the numbers by for the super bowl pot,, well, one of em.  $10 numbers, $100. pot.  I got the 2.   Now, all i gotta do, is watch for the kitten bowl...hahahaha,,, 

Got my faucet put on yesterday,,, just took 30-40 mins.  lol,,, Then he showed me how you can loosen up one that won't turn, the one he took off.  The screws are UNDER the middle, on the bottom in other words.  You can't get to them without taking the faucet off anyway.  So instead of throwing it away, i stuck it out in the store room, maybe can sell it some day.

My camera is always in the wrong place, it's in the car, or i would take a pic of it.  Maybe later, some day, etc... lol

Yall tc, and