Thursday, May 16, 2013

AC Time

Here it is, 5.30 and 95*.  BUT,, turned my ACs on this morning.  That time again, and actually we've made it a little longer this year before having to use them. 

My leg/hip is still hurting,,,from pulling that groin muscle weeks ago.  It's on the outside now,,,just not sure what it is.  I'm taking Aleve in the Am and Pm,,,it sure helps.  Hoping it will go away some time in the future.  I told the Doc about it when I was there, but she just kinda let it go.

J is doing good, and has started AA,,,hope he keeps that up.  I went with him the first time, Wed. at noon, and I was impressed.  I can see how it would help,, you have people there that have been in your shoes.  Know what they're talking about. 

My favorite Idol of all time,,,Adam Lambert, is gonna be on tonight as a guest.  He made it HUGE, and finished 2nd in the contest.  Never hear of the one that was 1st. lololol.  America sure gets it wrong some times.

Yall tc, and