Friday, June 8, 2012

Hmm,,Thot I Lost This,,

I was so tired yesterday, that i kept thinking, gonna call and cancel my 2pm apt with my heart doc, but,,then would think,,nooo,,go and get it over with.  That's what i finally did.  I just drove over there, saw the doc and came home.  No walmart, no heb,,nothing else.  I was doing great, said come back in a year.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaa,,,glad i went on and did it.

I have the old dvd, vcr combo, and i've been looking at them after being told they don't make em any more.  Heck, i found plenty.  It was kinda confusing, tho, about tuner, plug onto cable thingy,,,and what they actually do.  I just want one to do what this old one does, IF it ever stops working.  And, i guess i need to look and see what else would do recording, etc.  My bro B has something that records bunches of movies, if you want, and stores them.  But it probably cost, too.  What i was looking at, was 100.  Now, that's my speed, lol.

I think i'll start that series, Hatfields and McCoys, tonite.  I have em all on one tape, can watch when i want.  I saw they were back on today, or at least 2 and 3, not sure where 1 was, on lifetime.  Everybody i've talked to, DD, has said the same as you,,really really good.  Starts right off with a bang.

I've been out of waffles, will get more today, but i've been eating a fried egg on toast, with cheese and bacon.  yummmm.

I clicked on publish,,and it wouldn't go,,,thot i had lost all of this.  Now it seems to be working right, which is saving the drafts.  That way, i can go back and find it in edit posts.  Part of it is gone, and i'm not sure i even remember what it was,,,lol.

Sooo, yall tc, and


PS,, told em at the doc's,,that i wasn't gonna do any more of those stress tests, not getting back in that tube.  The nurse told me there is one in Fredericksburg now you can get it done sitting in a chair, don't have to lay on that tiny metal table for a long time, not moving.  I might consider that if it ever comes up again.