Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nuff Said

I don't know why it's so hard to write, lately.  My days are the same,,it seems.  Anybody else feel like that?

Js doing great, and just comes by briefly now.  He's still got a long way to go, but is able to do more, (a little) each day.  He can help his Dad with paperwork at the shop, run errands, etc.  When he's at the shop, it's not unusual for him to sell some of the vehicles.  

I've been watching Idol,,again, but,,,just don't know about this season.  I DO NOT like the 2 female judges and can't  stand Nicci?,,, And also, there's so many I don't think can sing, and they let them go thru.  lol,,, I can just hear Simon's opinion...

Gonna say one more thing about politics and religion.  TO EACH HIS OWN.  I have respect for other's views, even if they are different than mine.  And I won't leave your blog, or whatever, because of them.  It's your right to have your own opinions.  I also won't argue with you about them.,,,OK,,enough said.

We are having our spring right now.  When that calendar says springtime,,not true, it's already summer time.  Spring is in Jan. here in TX,,,just wish we had the rain.  All that rain a week or so ago, did nothing for our rivers, or lakes.  We need the gullywashers like they are getting in Africa,,i watch UStream,,Pete's pond.  Love to see those animals coming there.  This is their rainy season, and they are getting it!

Yall tc, and