Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Saying, TGIF, I've Worn it Out

Goood Morning!!!,,(barely, almost noon).  Sel, just read ur blog, and when i tried to post a comment, it's not changed yet.  Gotta tell ya, tho, i'm with you on guns.  Always had em too.  Gosh, who doesn't?,,,It's TX.  I gave my 22 automatic to my g'dotter a couple of years ago, for her birthday.  Her mother-in-law was kinda horrified i guess.  But she didn't know she had been raised right.  She hefted that gun (nylon 4 pounder bought new wayyyy back) and popped those cans like a pro.  Really impressed them.  I still have my barely legal (by a 1/4") shot gun, (really short barrel), chrome plated.  And, the one i use most around here now, my pellet gun.

Here's a link to read about the fires all around here.  The report now says 1386 homes burned in Bastrop.  And just 30% contained.  Right now.  Hey BB, u ok there where u are?  Guess he's sitting on the side of that lake ready to jump in.   Saying he's fishing, but we never get to see the pics, hahahahaha.  I'm in the market for a camera too.  Gotta do some researching, WHEN I GET TIME OFF BLOGGING!!!  lololol  My game ratings have dropped to horrible levels, my house needs cleaning, (my Jude doesn't care),  have lizards in here.  hehehee,,,i really do, new almost clear ones, nearly drowned one in my sink before i saw it, and put it outside.  One ran and hid somewhere, across the floor.  Saw Jude looking under my fridge, bet that's where it is.  That cat has super ears.

Whew, didn't starve, yall.  Took a time out and made a scrambled egg,,,in the microwave.  One lady i worked with, in her 90s, just didn't know if she wanted to eat anything cooked in a microwave or not.  lololol.  She was given one and when i used it, she really hesitated on eating.  Had to hide using mushroom soup in anything, she did NOT like them.  Even after i told her that was why things tasted so good.  Like, pot roast, stew,chicken and rice,,,She wouldn't buy it, hahahaha, she ignored it on her grocery list.  lololol.  I had to pick it up when i would get a few things for her.

Any of yall ever wake up during the night, with your pillow and bed all wet around you?   Well, i did once.  Thot i had hemmoraged.  Or something, til i could get the lite on.  Was my ceiling about to fall in, it looked like, right above my head!!!  Down by my feet too.  It had never leaked before.  Had to move my bed and try to find a dry spot to sleep on, put buckets under the leaks.  We had a bad hail storm a year or so before that, and i had collected on a new roof.  The adjustor had even told me i might or might not need one.  WELL,  i sure did!!  Wasted no time calling my bro to get one, either.  When he looked he said it might just be a few of the nails up there, had worked loose, but,,,i said,,put a new one on.  Sooo,,,my ceiling dried up ok,,didn't fall thru, and my new roof sounds good.   He does metal roofs and cement work.

Can u believe that not one of those hurricanes are gonna make it this way???  Good luck down there DD, know you live in that swamp and it's become tinder now.

There has to be a life away from blogging.. hahahaha,,,gonna check it out.
Thx for my new follower.  Really really appreciate all of you.  Makes me keep on blogging.

HAGD  (have a good day)