Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Day in History

Had a mouth dropping experience this morning.  Last Sunday i had heard about someone out on E71 needing EMS, seemed to have had a heart attack while driving.  He did, and didn't make it, but that's not what i'm talking about.  He was coming here to visit the man who as a policeman 45 years ago, was the one who killed Charles Whitman.  Houston McCoy.  I never knew he had moved here.  When Whitman got on the UT Tower and started shooting people, i remember watching it on TV, staying glued most of the rest of the day.  Horrified!  Watching EMS trying to save some of the ones shot, putting their own lives in danger, being shot at too.  The one thing that impressed me was people driving by, stopped and got out with their own guns, and starting shooting at Whitman too.  This is Texas, people carry guns.  Even now.  My druggist had been one who had to find shelter just walking down the street.

In 2006 i think, one of the tv stations had shown that old footage, and still had the reporter working for them.  We couldn't imagine anyone doing something like this.  Hamilton's story is welllll worth the read.  His was a short essay about that, and there were others sent in, back in 2006, the actual 40 year anniversity. 

It's a good thing my nephew didn't ever call me back about that tablet,,,lol, i might have bought it.  Need to get thru 2 or 3 months of these extra expenses before i do something like that.  Got house insurance and taxes, plus Christmas, which i really didn't spend a lot on, but now isn't a good time, ya know what i mean?  Put myself in this hard place, replacing those 2 front doors, but oooo, how i do love em.  Don't regret it one bit.

Got a load of laundry done, about all i'm doing today.  Just remembered, my neice said they were coming down here today.  Don't know when i'll see them, tho.

Yall tc, and be sure to,


PS,,DD, In windows 7, it used windows live for a lot of things, it's what i use for email, photos, movie making, even blogging sometimes.  You might have to DL it, but i really thot it came with it.