Monday, January 16, 2012

Mem,,,ories Are Made,,,,of This

I see other blogs, in the comments, that have a reply option.  Mine still doesn't have that, so does that mean it's not updated yet?  I'm using Chrome mostly, lol, since it works.

DD sure brought up some good memories today.  I still can see that ol store where we made lots of trips to, when we were visiting family there.  It had the barrels for things too, and an old wood floor, benches outside for farmers, or whoever, to sit on most of the day.  A pot bellied stove inside for heat.  Couple of gas pumps just off the porch.  This was in a place just below the OK border, a few houses, mostly my kinfolks, and that store.  A couple of churches too.  And ,,, a community center.  This was where both my parents originated, so we went up there every summer for a couple of weeks.  Us kids LOVED it,,we were free to roam day and night.  That old store closed not too many years ago, after a new stop and go opened there.  SAD.  I haven't been there in so long, about 20 years, maybe, which is a shame.  In my Dad's family of 8, there is just one sister left, my fav Aunt, and she's not doing real well.  None of my Mom's.  Lots of cousins tho.  It's just so sad to think about "family" now,  doesn't mean what it used to.  Maybe because of both parents having to work now, and living so far apart, usually out of necessity.  Also, seems to be, to each his own, not helping each other like we did. 

LOLOL,,,gotta tell this,,,One Sunday morning, my Dad called and said,,,"which side of the house do yall want to paint today?,,,I'm bar b q ing,,,"  There was never a thot of saying anything but,,,"we'll take the South",,and the others did the same.  The younger kids, teens, got the back.  Bad mistake,,lololol,,,.  That's what started it all,,,hahahahaha,,,when my bro B painted a white stripe down the back of Dad's black dog. Then someone else painted one in someone's hair.  Before you knew it, there is a paint fight going on....hahahaha.  But,,,somehow,,the house got painted,,and a few other things,,,And somehow,,,we managed to eat that,,uh,,,ummm,,bar b  Did i mention we were all black headed?,,,  We had so much fun there at that house, and i was a grown up,,,(whatever that means),,We played anti-over, mother may i, pitched pennies, and invented a new hide n seek game.  Called it capture.  Had the whole neighborhood involved in that.  Dad loved having kids around, so all the friends would be there too.  Mom said she never knew where she'd find someone sleeping when she got up.  In the yard, under a bush, on the porch swing,,,lololol.   We played all the old games from my parents childhood, and on back, and hopefully, we passed them on.  But i think they are in the past now, and families don't play together any more, like we did. O yeah,,,i did show g/dotter and her hubby how to play marbles.  I was there when he opened the bag, but didn't know how to do it.  The kids with the steel marbles,,(bearings),,were the good ones. lololol. 

 Like i said, so many good memories.

OK enough memories,,,well, for today,,,lolol.  But they do set the stage for having a good day.  Yall tc, and,,

HAGD too