Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rabies Around?

Hey Anon, why would ol Ben apologize?  Don't u know he's always right?  He blocks me off his blog, lololol, cause i made a negative comment. hahahahaha.  Made my day!  Whatcha wanna bet, he's reading these, hope he loves my comments. 
There have been Kothmans around here always.  Lots between here and Mason, and West toward Brady.  Didn't recognize the other name.

I might get out later and pick up my car tags.  Not one to get out early, like, it's after 11 now, and i'm just having breakfast.  But, i have had my coffee and read the paper.  Daily ritual since the 60s, but now i don't have to get up earlier than others, to do it. 

Jude wouldn't come in this morning, cause something dragging on the bottom of my door was scaring him, and i couldn't hold that hot door any longer.  When i looked later, there's been something up on the table that turned over a couple of cans, one with bird seed in it.  Lid off too. lol,,,No doubt a coon.  One time when i was up during the nite, (i open my bathroom window when i go to bed) there had been a skunk around, that sprayed.  Keep hearing on my scanner about people calling in about suspicious animals.  It's been too much rabies around this year, so anything gets called in now.  A neighbor called in about a cat that was foaming at the mouth, in his yard.  OMG i called Jude and he didn't show up, (he got his update for rabies a few months ago) and i knew cats do that if they are sick.  Had one of mine do that one time, because he had a fish bone stuck on a tooth and couldn't swallow.  I watched him a minute, then opened his mouth, saw what it was, got some pliers, and pulled it off.  Hubby had taken off running, wouldn't get near him.  Poor thing couldn't swallow at all. Anyway, back to this report.  Since i couldn't find Jude, i got in the car and went over there, had heard the official say he just had a big gun.  I was horrified he would shoot the cat.  Well, he didn't.  He was smart enough to look at the cat and decide it needed a vet, not disposing of.  It was the neighbor's cat.  And that's the same thing i told him, that the cat was sick.  He said it had had rabies shot about a year ago, and they last 2-3 years.  The vets re-do them in years like this, after 1 year.  I don't panic when i see an animal doing something unusual now, like a skunk of fox being out in the daytime.  You can tell if there's something really wrong.  Like the skunk called in this morning.  It was staggering around.  Everything is looking for food and water.  When the sun gets over to the West, i'll get out and clean up the bird seed.  Don't wanna be feeding mice.  On that table anyway.  lololol  That 5 gal bucket out in the storeroom is fine.

Hey DD, thx for the pics.  Sure would like to be a snow bird.  Winter here, summer there. lol.  It's hard to believe the coast is as dry as we are.  Paper today said all of  the Texas counties are disaster areas now.  Only crops making are the irrigated ones, and the wells are drying up for those too.   River report:  J=39 M=22 L=6  Wow we're up 1.  Those little showers musta done that. 

Yall all HAGD