Sunday, March 22, 2015


Good thing i took those pictures, kids destroyed every one of them the next day, (nite). No one seems to know who they were..Where's that drone??? lol.

My hip is really bad, having to take pain meds just about all the time. I'd have surgery right NOW if i could. My appointment with the pain doc is on 4-7. 2 MORE WEEKS.

My home health care got started last week. Not sure how long this one will last, she said when something better showed up, she would take it... lololol,, can't blame her. I told my supervisor to be on the lookout for another one.

My neighbor is mad because i dared to ask her to do something with that yapping T%^&&*^ yorkie dog she has. I actually asked her what was wrong with it, after it yipping for a long time. How can they stand it? It's like they can't hear it. Now she's gonna trap my cat and get the city to pick it up. It's not my cat doing what she was saying.... hahahaha. O well, i knew they'd be trouble from the start. Glad the 8' fence is there. Now i'm just a "crabby old lady",,,,

Time for breakfast, yall tc, and