Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip Time

Gonna take my glasses back, which i really hate to have to do.  But, get it over with.  I'm the type of person, if there's something to do, do it, get it behind you. lol.  I've had to wait for the holliday weekend to be over with is why i haven't already done it.
Maybe, i'll make it back later.   But, in the meantime,



Caught the comment from Sis,,and yeah, i know about keeping raw potatoes in water, but,,,i had a 5 lb bag! lol.  Used to soak em in salty water, make crispy french fries,,yummm.  I have a ceramic peeler, works good, just in case u want to know.  lol. Not a knife, a vege peeler.  BTW,,TY!! for what u said about my blog. 

Saw where BB's hooking it right on down the road.  Be there in time to catch HIMSELF some of those fish...And cook em with the tails, on the bone...Heck, i know where the bones are, not gonna choke on one.  Same with chickens.  Cleaned enough of both.  Always told my bros,,don't throw those fish back, bring em to me, i can clean one in a second.  Well, maybe 2 or 3.  Got slow in my ol age.  U also clean a cat fish before u cut the head off, gotta hold it when ur skinning it.  Guess that's called skinning it alive, but,,,i do it fast,,,,,

Got some more glasses ordered,,,A,,,Gain,,.  She was gonna let them know, i'm picky,,,lol. Well,,,hells bells, why not??  When one eye's clear and the other is blurry?  In the new ones.  She also told me this same place does all the prescriptions for lots of other places.  Not just for Walmart. 

Been a beautiful day.  Didn't take, nor need, a jacket.  Had to run the ac some, on the way back.  I was sitting in the sun.

Grabbed a few things in the grocery section, and i was thru.  Got the 2 things needed for that minestrone soup.  Too many leftovers still, so it'll be a few days before i cook it.

OK,,,outa here again,,,before dark.

Cya tomorrow.