Friday, February 21, 2014

Nothing Going On

I did NOT know what day it was today,,, Thursday or Friday.  I finally saw it on TV,,  Good thing i don't have anything i had to do.

My hip is wonderful.  It doesn't hurt to walk.  Since this is just the 3rd day, i'm still taking it easy, not pushing it.  It usually takes a few days to take full effect.  No spasms at all.  I can't raise my leg much yet, but not having to drag it when i walk.

My computer stills gives me trouble sometimes.  Then i spend a couple of days,, trying to get rid of stuff that's showed up.. I'm running malware quite a bit.  It's mainly in mozilla firefox.  Sooo, i'm using IE most of the time, and i even put google chrome on too.  Firefox still has my full list of bookmarks, so can't just get rid of it.  And yes, i did import.

I wake up so much during the nite,, thirsty, having to get up to get a drink.  Last nite when i went to bed i used that biodene and didn't have the thirst like usual, so going to do it again tonite, and see if it will always help.

Got no plans,, and a weekend is coming up.  Wow, last one of Feb. too.

Yall tc, and