Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feet Aches

Gosh, waking up too early, for me.  I'm talking about when i can't go back to sleep, like 7 AM!  My coffee pot is set to turn on at 7:30,,  I try to doze back off, but last 2 days, been getting up about 7:45..... My feet are sore from hurting last nite.  I wonder,,,(DD) if there's anything i can do about them,  I take something for it, but sometimes they still hurt.  Anybody have any ideas?  And, i don't know what i do to make them hurt worse either.

I'm re-reading some of the Clan of the Cave Bear books.  It's been so long, i don't remember them and i have #3, 4, and 5.  About a year ago,,she published the last one she said.  I read it, but, decided to go back and read the older ones again.  My SIL had them, so i haven't been to the library in quite a while.  I could never use a Kindle,,,like i told my dotter, because i can't ever remember what i've read by name.  I put a tiny mark in the library ones,,,(ssshhhh).  lol...

I'll be so glad when these )(*&&^$%^) elections are over!  I HATE politics.  I will read the summaries of each one running, and decide who i want to vote for, just before the elections.  That's all i need, don't need all this TV stuff, newspaper stuff, etc.  And never talk politics to me,,you will never change my mind, and i refuse to argue about it.

This idiot in Austin tried to vacuum out a hive of bees from under the eaves of his house....lollololol,,,Ended up in the hospital.   Had to call a professional to get them.   Do any of yall eat Fain's Honey?,,,It's made here, and goes back decades.  So if there's a stray hive, they will come and get it.  A long time ago, there was a huge oak tree in the park with a hive in it.  Not there now and i don't know what happened.

My dad tried that,,,lol..Having a few bee hives.  He had the suit, but didn't use it and never got stung.  One of his many enterprises,,,lololol.

Yall tc, and