Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Everyday Bloggers

I've quit writing blogs every day, was just nothing to say, and now, i've noticed that a lot more have done the same. I'm still in that same mode,,no news, at least nothing to write about. I have such a boring life. I still hurt, nothing has helped, don't know what to do, and i still have the same dog problem, got a call in now for the animal control man.

Going in the morning for the follow up with my heart. I think the meds are going to be the answer, they have done it so far. TG!!! i didn't get put on cummaton,(?) They put me on Eliquis, a new one that works like cummaton, just doesn't make you bleed a lot from cuts, etc. She told me not to read the insert papers and throw them away,,, lol, so i didn't even read them. She said to look at what would happen if i didn't take them...Heck, at this point,, i just don't care. I'm on about 10 or 12 meds, and that's not counting a couple of vitamins, or occasional ones.

I've been getting a Walmart order ready, making a list, etc. LOVE IT, that i can order online and it's delivered to my door... in lots of packages,,, lol.

I was parked at the grocery store yesterday, and saw this aged lady leaning on a buggy, barely able to take a SLOW step, and got to watching, wondering ,, was she driving?,,, There was a boy helping her til they got close to her small pickup, then he put her groceries in and left her on her own with her cane. He took the buggy with him. She leaned on her truck front and slowing went around, then slowly finally got in,, and all this time i'm watching to see if she's gonna make it or not. She sat there a while, then when she finally started it, and drove off (slow) i decided to follow just to see how she was going to get her stuff in. She drove ok, and i went on by when she got to her house, BUT, went around and she was still sitting there with the door open. WELL, i still couldn't drop it, soooo,,,, went back after a few minutes, and she had somehow gotten a wheel barrow and was there by her passenger door to unload her stuff. So i guess she made it. Wow.... I'm bad but not nearly that much. How does she make it? Living alone i assume.

I wonder if she knows she can use the senior bus, and they would help her in and out? I might tell her, if i see her again, and i will watch for her. I have a hard time carrying in a gal of milk and she had a 12 pack of beer. I've started using my big red wagon,,, lol.

Ok, yall tc and