Friday, November 23, 2012

What a Day

Yep, 3 tables filled totally up with food, and another with desserts.  Had those BIG Styrofoam plates to eat on too.  With this many people, it's not formal.  It's buffet style.  I didn't even get a small sample of half the stuff.  I hated it that i got so full, i couldn't,...hahahaha.  I did bring home a small plate of small cuts of pies, later.  Pecan, choc, buttermilk, cheesecake.  Ate a little of that for supper,,,  My dotter had said if there was no ham, she was taking a ham sandwich,,,lolololol. But there was.  Turkey and ham, with so many side dishes, no way to get a taste of them all.

Came home and napped,,,lololol,,,went back later for poker.  The sheriff showed up to play too.  His stepson is married to my niece, and he nearly always comes over to play poker.  Her 3 kids have been like his own grandkids always.  I won a little,,,lol.  We just play nickel, dime, quarter.   Just for fun.  When we play moon, we used to play quarter loss, quarter hickey.  One day, bro B said,,let's do dollar, dollar,,and we all said OK,,,hahahahaha,,he didn't think anybody would agree.  Heck, used to play at the bar and they always said i won all their money,,, But when i went in the door, they would holler,,,come on!!! Need a player...

One time there was a new man playing at a table with 2 others, and i went over there and asked if i could join them,,2 said Yeahhh.  The new one frowned, scowled,,didn't like it...Til i set some moon bids,,Later he slid to a stop one day, just to tell my sis,,I could sure play moon!  He didn't know we ALL had all our life,,,hahahahaha.  I didn't like to play with women either,,,hehehehe,,,they almost always had their minds on other things,,wouldn't stay with the game.

Don't know what's going on, but the net is so slow today, taking forever to do anything.  And it's not my signal! 

Hope you all had a great day, yesterday,,,tc and