Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Boring Day

Almost noon, and ,,, nothing accomplished,,,  I've eaten my waffles, and washed dishes,,,that's it.  Both cats have been in and eaten, one at a time.  Rescue didn't want to come in for a while, so i didn't chase him,,lol, if he's hungry enough, he'll come in.  He was acting kinda scared,, have no idea why.  He finally made it.  He was feeling frisky all day yesterday, outside,, he's still just a big kitten.  I keep telling J to find him a home.  He'll run and bounce off J's side when he's playing,,,no claws.  He did that in the house too, bouncing off the walls and things,,,lol... He lands with all 4 feet doing that.

Out of all the movies on this weekend,,i found one yesterday, and one today!  To record.  I even watched a western from yesterday,,,last nite.,,,,Buck.  Wasn't much to it, but i kept on til it finally ended, at my bed time. 

I did go out to the park for a while yesterday,, was nice to just sit out there in my car, and read.  J was here most of the day, and we both thot we would go to Bs, but never caught him at home.  J's gf was busy most of the day, but got thru by mid afternoon.  B gets antsy when he's home alone,,,lol.  I know he was there by the time the Longhorns came on.  

My yard was mowed like,,,a week ago, and it already needs it again.  Gonna just let it go for a while, maybe catch it for the last time by then.  My windows on the N are wanting to fog up today!  It's still cold, 48*.  And that wind is still blowing too.

OK,,,enough of nothing,,,lol,,,shower time.  Yall tc, and