Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Not in the Mood

O gosh,,being pushed into messing with that gate thang again.  I've committed to going to the council meeting next Monday for discussion, which means we have to come up with what we want to say.  The gist of it is,,,, why hasn't something been done!  Now, i have to spend time getting info together to do this.  Don't get me wrong,,there are 2 more of us, but it still has to be done.  O well, don't wanna think about it now.

My son is staying put,,in AC, but likes to have company.  So i'm going to visit him in a few minutes.  His gf is back at school now.  It doesn't actually start until next week, but the teachers have to be there early.

I'm sure glad DD has a sense of humor,,,cause i've been kinda picking on him,,about going on a trip in that huge new home,,ac at that!  So DD, you do know i'm just teasing you don't you?  lol,,some people you can't.  I know you have reasons.

Ok, that's all folks,,yall tc, and