Thursday, November 15, 2012

SA Again Today

Staple pulling time today.  2PM apt, so we'll be leaving about 11:30.  With all our "rest" stops, we allow a little extra time.

He's shaving, and says he's gonna lie down for a bit...There are pillows in the car, back seat, so he can if he wants.  We need to make a stop at Walmart later to get more of the bandages that work so good under the brace,,,no one has em here.  They  are more padded and with the holes left from those 23 staples, he'll need that.  Also need some more of that saline wash.

Took these yesterday at the park...  There were so many different birds there late yesterday., makes it really interesting.  There was a big group of white ones sitting on the dam, and we weren't sure what they were.  We think maybe egrets... But,, we know what egrets look like and these just weren't quite the same.  They were too far to  get a good look.  We tried binoculars, but the sun shining on them,,well,,just not sure.
Got a good nite's sleep, ready to drive.  It's cloudy and i sure like to drive like that.  The apt. is at 2 so there won't be traffic problems.  It's NEVER as bad as Austin any time.  Besides, it's right close to the first loop, 1604, don't have to go into the worse parts.
Yall tc, and