Friday, August 24, 2012

Queen's Wreath

I usually wait and do my shower til later, but,,,,all that goop on my hair had me in there early today,  How can people stand that?  Maybe not ever touching it?  lololol.  My hair doesn't need that.  I just comb it into place and leave it.

I had asked the friend cutting my hair, if i could get another start of that vine that grows up on one side of her house, so,,,after she cut the hair, we went there and i got some of the bulbs.  It's Queen's Wreath, and i love it.  After it's established, you're thru with it, and it has the most beautiful pink clusters of blooms, all summer.  I'll try to get pics later.  I think i might have watered mine just a couple of times during the drought all last year.  Anyway, these are for my g/dotter's birthday on the 27th.  I put them in a pot when i got home, and that way she can transplant them later. 

Still nothing going on.  Dog days getting closer to the end.  Just went and picked up one of the burgers i bragged so much about, and not going back.  It's gone up, and just wasn't good today.  I like onions, and i asked for them,,got a couple of pieces.  Couple of pieces of lettuce too.  Lots of dripping mayo, ( i like mustard) and the burger patty was still thick.  Maybe just too much.  I just can't pay that for lunch, or if i do, i want enough for 2 meals.  Well, i might go back for the other sandwiches. 

Ok ,,,nap time,  at least a little, so yall tc, and