Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hate Thieves!!!

Hey DD, glad to know just where u were!!  Seriously, good to know that u and ur cousins like to get together, and that u both made the effort to do so.  Thx for the pics.  Looks like a great spot, even now in this drought.

Out of all the blogs i follow, DDs is the only one i can't post a comment on.  So i always comment on mine.

Reading Gypsy's, brought back some bad memories today.  I had moved out of a 4 BR house, into a duplex and had to put a lot in storage.  Took 2 units.  I went up there one day, and found these little rinky dink locks on both of them.  Since my son was the only one that had a key too, i called and asked him if he might have changed the locks.  NOOOOO,,,  So then i called the owner and he came up there and cut the locks off.  Empty!! OMG,,well, 1 had a broken mirror left.  Found out later 2 more next to mine had been robbed too.  I called it in, knowing full well, nothing would ever be found, nor the thieves caught, but one did come up later and take fingerprints off the mirror.  Of course, nothing ever found.  The only thing that made me sick, and still does, was in 1 box were all my home movie films.  All my memories.  They were super 8, going back to when my last son was born, and he was in so many of them.  He's the one i lost when he was 16, so that still, just kills me.  Not that the other kids weren't in them too, they were.  The son i have left, i've lost 2, was so good on a skate board, i took him to Austin one time to enter a contest.  He should have won it, had that on film too.  OK, enough of that subject.

Trying to decide what i'm having for lunch.  Nothing sounds good.  Yall have any suggestions?  Have some of that quicky mac and cheese stuff.  Think i might do that today.  Just about anything i eat has to be quick.  But got so burned out on frozen dinners, that's out of the question.  Had those so much when i was still working, don't think i could gag one down now.

No plans today.  Been caught up in that Casey Anthony trial, might go to the jury by the week end.  I'm fully convinced of her guilt.  Just watching her there in court, is enough.  And i'm also caught up in my book.  They are the kind u hate to put down.  Got a whole series to read, love those.  It's C J Box,,,the Joe Pickett series.  He's a game warden in WY.  I accidently read #10 first, now i'm on #1, going thru them in order.

Ok yall, enough outa me today.   HAGD