Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wish I Knew Something New

Only thing i seem to know today is it's over the hump day again,,seems those show up way too fast.  Also, the heat is here.  I had to stop at the grocery for a couple of things, and i was sick at my stomach by the time i got back home, unloaded, and could just sit down again.

I bought a whole chicken,,lol, after all that talking about chicken, etc.  Now i'm not sure how i want to cook it, boil or roast.  I have that little contraption that you can cook beer can chicken on, but NOT gonna use the large oven.  Paula what's her name,,called it beer in the rear chicken.  (O yeah, Dean)  I have a convection oven, probably will use that.  I also bought a bag of 16 bean soup mix,,that will go into the crock pot tonite.   Sound good?  Did to me.  Gonna try to eat lots of protein, low carbs.

Guess i should mention,, after the comments yesterday,,i do shop at Walmart, not much choice.  I have no complaints about food stuff, just appliances, etc.  And I like the idea of all in one place.  And i will also say, no matter where you get anything, it might not last any longer either.  The 19" tv i bought for this room, had a loose connection there where you hook up the cable, and i didn't know it til the warranty was gone,,of course.  I have to wiggle it when the pic gets all snowy.  The volume doesn't work right either.  Goes up to a certain point and no more.  Don't buy an Emerson,,,lol.  I sure won't any more.  Who said it?,,You get what you pay for.  I'm a cheap ol lady,,,gotta be on what i have to live on,,,

I got my sprayer out this morning when i went out for the paper,,,but haven't gone back out and sprayed those burr weeds.  It was so hot there, East side, that i put it off.  I will get it done today.  Just stopped right there and went out and did it, and yeah, i'm hot...

To do my "get outa the house time" now,  not sure what i'll do.  Just about too hot to even sit in a shade and read, watch wild life.  Maybe take short rides, gas has gone down.  3.45 yesterday.  I still have to factor that in on anything i do, like my trip to Walmart, cost me almost 15.00,,,see what i mean?

I just saw Nancy Reagan on tv, OMG,,didn't know she was still alive!  And she was walking with someone.  Holding their arm, but,,geez.

I have thrown out 3 or 4 of those darned beetles since yesterday!  Did i tell you, i stepped on one one nite, barefooted,,yukkkk.  Wasn't on the carpet to pad it, either.

I have high hopes for my Idol guy, Phillip,,, That Jessica has the vocals, BUT, he has that,,something.  He will never have another moment of peace, win or lose.  I just kept hitting redial last nite, voting for him.  Even at my advanced years, i could almost swoon,,lolololol.  Do you ever get too old?  hahahahaha.

Ok,,yall tc, and