Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out and About, Around Tow


Fall Creek Vineyard




Dry Lake



Community center,  location of the biggest fish fry, bar b q ever.  They got to squabbling among themselves, and it is no more.  They fed 1000s of people, benefiting the volunteer fire dept..




Tow is located in the NE part of the county, at the head of Lake Buchanan.  Where the Colorado River flows into it. 

I took lots of pics, but I’m gonna add them each day, not overdo.  I really enjoyed getting out and doing this, been a long time.  I even stopped and visited g/dotter and stayed too long…didn’t get home til 7.  Intended to go to Kingsland and eat mexican food, but was too late.  They get too busy after 6 or so, would have had to wait on a table,,etc.  So I skipped that.  Had some frozen entrees, and that’s what I had. 

I went thru a park later, and will get the pics on later, but,,,while I was stopped taking them, a man drove up on a golf cart,,,was the park host.  AND A FULL TIME RV’ER,,,was there in their motorhome,,with his wife.  After he retired, they sold a 4-3 house, his tools, and did this!  He said they had an “away” sale…lol.  Sold-away, give-away, throw-away,,,etc.  I told them how many bloggers I read that have done that too.  His wife walked over, and we talked a long time.  Just might go back and visit them again, they were great.  I didn’t get pics of them, nor their motorhome. Maybe next time.  Kinda hate to ask strangers to do that.

It’s that time again, so yall tc, and