Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey, We're Back in Winter

Where is our rain?,,,, all this weather forecasting,, HUH!! I did see one that showed how much was predicted, and for here,,,,zero!!! lolol,,,All around showed at least a little, but,,,,here,,,,ZERO,,, Got it right once.

I didn't make it out to the park yesterday to check on the little duck but to answer one,,there is a park attendant, but i'm afraid he might just do away with it,,,that's why i haven't said anything. As far as i can tell, there's no fishing line or hook on it, and i can get pretty close. It eats and swims and flies, so i'm for just leaving it alone. It does get tired and lays down when it's on the bank. But others do too. lol.

Lots of bloggers didn't post yet, today. Miss em. I really didn't want to, seems like there's nothing to say, just rambling. When i used IE for blogs, i started getting a pop up window, saying blogger wouldn't work right with IE any more. Since i had Chrome on here already, was no problem to switch. I used to have Firefox and IE, but i looked up the comparisons of the 3, and Chrome was 1st, then IE, Firefox last, so i took FF off, put Chrome on. Speed was my main choice,,of course. Heck, they are all so competitive, they keep up on all of them with improvements.

I think the front is just now cooling us off, earlier i had to turn the heat down, now i'm getting chilly, need to turn it up.

Wish TV would do something about weekends,,,from Fri. on, thru Sun. i either leave it off, or watch movies. I record them, so i always have some. Plugged one in last nite, and i had already watched both of them, on that tape. One was about the kid doing a journal,,can't think of the name, and the other was Avatar. Guess it was ok but sure wouldn't want to watch it again. Don't know how that got mixed in with the ones i haven't watched, but it's not now,,,lol. That's something i need to do today,,,check the movies on,,see if i want any.

Yall tc, and