Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Are Friends For

My friend S called, then sent me a jar of homemade gumbo stuff.  YUMMM.  OOO,,,also 2 thick slices of homemade bread!  Took a couple of bites, has some jalapeno i can tell,,,lol,,,but i can take it.  (Wimp on hot stuff).  I sent her the last bowl of soup out of my freezer,,just wasn't appealing any more to me.  Needed the room too.  GOT to make a grocery run,,,have a long list.  Been putting it off,  but the next 2 days are gonna be horrible, so,,,today is it.  Maybe,,,lol.  Almost out of milk,,soo,,yep, today is the day.

Didn't see the little black ducks at the park, yesterday.  Went all thru it,,no ducks.  They could have been upstream from the park i guess.  I'm still watching Hop a Long.  I thot it was actually limping on that foot part of the time, so i'm wanting to keep an eye on it.  That was so much better than the dragging.

I haven't done anything worth talking about lately.  Same ol, same ol, ya know.  On the puter too much, lol.  I did finish one of Diann Chamberlain's books, one more to go.  They are hard to put down too.  I think these are the last 2 i hadn't read.  Not sure how many are left of Lee Child's either.  I think i've almost read all of them too.
Hate it, when i have to start looking for a good author again.

Can anybody put click on links in their blogs?  I used to, but now it doesn't work.  What changed?  PLEASE.  I wasted hours yesterday trying to figure this out.  I made changes but nothing worked. I also added word verification after reading on one, that that might help with my spam in my email.  I also took off email link.  (where u get an email for every comment).

Today was soooo Sunday when i got up,,even looked for the coupon books in the paper,,,hahahaha,,,thot, gosh,,strange,,,none today.  I have the calendar on my screen,,so why don't i just look at it every day???,,, I do read my sticky notes.  I'm in the old format of blogger.  Just noticed,,,llololol.  Changed that too.

OK,,,time to git,,,things to do, places to go,,,stuff to eat,,,etc etc,,,yall tc, and