Monday, October 1, 2012


Having my waffles right now.  Thot my drain in the kitchen sink was stopped up, and i was running hot water,,thinking it was grease,,,and i took the stopper out, and there was a piece of potato peeling laying over it...lololol.

J said he'd be by in about an hour, so that means 2 or 3.  Maybe he's still feeling better, he was running an errand for his dad.  I've never known a man that can be punctual.

I was so bored yesterday.  I went out to the park, finished the little bit left of my book,  went back out later.  It was like i just couldn't sit in the house.  Don't know why Sundays seem to do me that way, long days, and lonely.  Yeas ago it would be a huge crowd, usually in Mom and Dad's living room, watching football all afternoon.  That was always a fun day.  Family is too scattered now, not anything like it used to be.  I told my bro a couple of days ago, the kids growing up now, will never have the sense of family like we do.  Maybe it's been going away for a long time, tho.

My friend Sue and her hubby are getting a divorce, a very friendly one.  I have to smile,, he comes for supper, puts his paycheck in their account,  they're just living in different places now.  Maybe they're doing it for the financial help she can get, being single.  She's on disability already.

I know these are lots shorter now, but there's just nothing to write about.  Soooo,,,yall tc, and