Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talk About Outa Date!!! NOT ME EITHER

OMG!!! You would NOT believe how old some of my spices are!!!  That has been my project for today.  How could i have moved 3 times, and not thrown them away then???  Mercy!!  Now i sure can't cook, threw almost everything away,,,hahahaha.  When did i ever use lemon peel?  Must have been a one time thing,,My favorite of all is the Mrs Dash lemon pepper.  Makes everything good.  Kept all of those.  White pepper?  Who knows.  Had to use 2 bags to hold all of them.  Even have red pepper,,,kept that, for some unknown reason,,,maybe because it's not outa date yet. lolol.  That darn flour and powdered milk,,,it's all their fault.  Now, if i do make that deer chili,,sometime in the future, i'll probably have to buy lots of spices,,,That is not a good thot.  Haven't looked at my receipe to see what all i use.  O well, another time.

See how i can procastinate?  Yall do that?  Didn't used to, but,,i gained the right,,,back there somewhere, on one of the birthdays.

Hey, got up at 8, and by 9 i was at the doc's office to get those fasting blood tests done.  No problem, since they told me i could drink my coffee with sweet and low, and that was ok.  So,, had my coffee, then got them done.  Funny, they won't tell me the results,,,i have to call the doc.  I want off some more pills!! lol.

Getting a hair cut at 2,,,just the sides and part of the back.  Have done my own for years, but with it cut this way, i can't.  But it goes a long time in between.

They've packed up and moved all the stuff from the site of the F1 race track,  there in Austin.  Not gonna happen.  Well, would take a miracle now.  All about money.  Thot that was all worked out, but,,, nope.  Idiots.  Why did they start the work, without the agreement done?,  Signed, sealed, delivered.

Sure miss that HJ,,,But everybody needs a day or so off,,,don't we?,,,lol.

Well, i think it's dry enough in my pantry to put everything back.  Won't take long, now.  So, yall tc,,,and