Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Verdict Coming UP

The injections worked pretty good, so she did the next set. These tell her it's actually those nerves coming from my spine so the radio frequency ablation will be on the right ones, and will burn them into. It will last 6 months to a year, she said, cause the nerves will grow back.....(couldn't wait to tell my son that). The injections yesterday will help more than the first round and i can tell pretty much even today. Not using my walker like i was. Still using the pain pills tho.

If i don't get a lot better, i can't go to my bro's house for Thanksgiving, due to the walking i would have to do. And so many people there, the chairs to sit in, etc. Hard on this ol leg, hip pain. Kinda sounds pretty good, lol, and i think someone would bring me some plates... lol, you do see the plural there dont ya? I always bring home one plate of desserts, little of this, little of that makes a plate full you know. Also, the main turkey or ham, or pot roast, whatever, and all the zillions of sides.

I stopped to get my fresh eggs from my friend and ooooo wow! She and her dotter gave me a plate of deer meat, mashed potatoes and gravy!! too. Her dotter does the hunting and had gotten one that morning.  Just had breakfast and getting hungry all over again, thinking about that.....

All i got yall, so tc, and