Monday, May 7, 2012


Didn't get to see a moon, the last 2  days we've had storms move in, and this last one was not good.  Lots of hail, not so bad here at my house, up to a nickel size, but a mile W of town, was golf ball size.  My son's gf lives out where it was that bad, and the car she has been driving, got lots of dings.  His, not so much, they were putting them under an oak tree, during the hail,,,he said he has 2 bumps on his head.  She had her head covered with a better cover.  

That hail would come and go, you would think it was over, and here it came again.  One time i looked out a W window and the rain was going straight to the S, then the next time,,to the N.  Back and forth.  Got more coming the next few days,,according to the weathermen.  Bring it on!

A few of us started snacking on the fish yesterday, on the first out of the pot...We were all wanting the tails,,,lolololol.  She cooks the bones,,with the tails, yummmm. Lots of good eating left after filleting.  Gosh, don't know how much they cooked, but lots!  I got full too fast!!!, couldn't eat enough!!!!!  It was like i took something to knock me out,,,got so sleepy.  I came home and tried to nap twice, and never did go to sleep, but HAD to shut my eyes.  Twice.

Got one of those sore ulcers on the side of my tongue.  Used to have one all the time, when i smoked.  So i don't know why i have this one now.  Haven't eaten lots of tomatoes.

Yall tc, and