Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Blues

Dog days are here... Temps gonna be over that 100 now, for a while. I'm staying in almost all the time, short trips for supper and groceries, that's all. I entertain myself with internet stuff, jigsaw puzzles, movies, books, naps,,, lol.

My 2 brothers and i went for a joy ride yesterday. All around our side of Lake Buchanan, just to see water in it now. Just 7 feet below normal,, amazing! With the El Nino staying through the winter like they are predicting, it will fill up. AND, Texas is no longer in a drought.

Having trouble with flea control on Jude. I have my last application on the table now, waiting to catch him going out. Need to look into ordering some more.

Boiled 2 eggs to make chicken salad. Put the eggs on and forgot, so i hope they are done. I use relish instead of pickles chopped,,, easier. lol.

Just got up and made the C salad, eggs were WELL done.... Not sure if i want that or the red beans and rice left over from yesterday. Almost noon, and i'm hungry, so i'll have to decide pretty quick.

Yall tc, and


Friday, July 10, 2015

Just Not Interested in Doing This

Has it really been a month since i did a blog? There's just nothing to say, except same ol, same ol.

Had injections Tuesday in my spine again, she put 2 in from 2 directions. Not sure if it's gonna work or not. I'm still on pain meds, which i HATE. Can't sleep at nite because i can't find a comfortable position (without hurting).

See what i mean? Nothing new to say!

Hey i do have one good thing to say! Tons of rain up above Lake Buchanan, and it's going up about 9 or 10 feet. Will come up to about 1006, full is 1020. or so.

Well, that's all folks, tc, and