Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dum de dum

Woke up about 7, couldn't get back to sleep....hope that's not becoming a habit.  I tell everybody i take my nap before i get up,,lol.  Well, works for me.

I'm getting tired of no tv shows on.  Missing all my regulars.  Not sure when the Olympics will be over, but gosh,,enough is enough. 

Did i tell you about the hamburger i got yesterday at a new little food trailer?  Biggest one i've ever seen!  The patty was an inch thick and big too, on a big sesame seed bun.  My mouth wouldn't even open enough to take a bite of the whole thing.  Had to have a 1/2 lb of meat on it.  Got about 1/2 down, still have the other 1/2.  It came with chips and watermelon.

Not doing anything,,nothing to say, so yall tc, and