Thursday, January 31, 2013

He Makes My Day,,,,

Was reading about people taking melatonin for sleep, over in Lotta Joy's blog.  Not too long ago, I was watching Dr Oz, and that topic was on there.  Throw it away!  Do NOT take any more.  I think you can look that up by going to  It's amazing how we will take things because they are called "all natural" without another thot.  I have done the same.  I take several different vitamins and was told to, by my doctors.  Heart doc= fish oil.  Bone specialist=calcium.  Regular doc=multi vitamin.  Don't remember why the B12, and I also take Vit D because I'm never in the sun.

Does it make me more healthy?  lol, Who knows?

I've noticed ol BBC is here making comments.  Have yall noticed?   hahahahaha,,,he makes my day.  I go back and look a lot, just to see what he has to say... Keep it up, BBC,,,Need my daily laugh, (laughs).

Yesterday, I was in the park here in town.  I keep looking for the pelicans and across the river, where a big creek comes in,,,there were 3 different white birds...Some geese, one crane, and,,,sure enough, 2 pelicans.  All hanging out together.  I had to use my binoculars to be sure.  The rest of em, must be hanging out somewhere else on the river.

Did I mention that I recorded the Green Mile?  With the commercials, 4 1/2 hours.  I'll have to divide it, and ,,,how do you stop somewhere? 

Well, yall tc and