Friday, December 23, 2011

Had to Come Back and Name This,,,

Just heard the weatherman say,, if,,could,,maybe, as usual.  I don't listen any more.

Gosh, someone was talking about being alone and dying, and no one finding your body for days, and to me, that's not the problem.  You're dead, YOU DON"T CARE anymore.  BUT, if you have had to lay there for hours, days, etc, then THAT"S BAD.  I almost had that happen to me.  If i hadn't called 911 when i did, and if they hadn't gotten me to the hospital when they did, i wouldn't be here.  Was all in the timing.  They got me into the ER, sitting on the table looking at the doc, when i quit breathing.  Was out for 3 days.  Flown to Austin, stayed a week.  BUT, no one knew where i was!!! I became a missing person the next day!  Late the next day, my g/dotter came by, found everything not right, and called everybody else.  They looked, asked, hunted everywhere, i'm just gone.  One picked my phone up and hit redial, found out the last number had been 911.  Soooo, they called the hospital, was told no, i wasn't there, and had not been a patient there either.  WELL,,passing thru the ER, you're not.  Someone finally told my sis  that i had been flown out the morning before.  I didn't know you could have pneumonia without a cough or a fever, but you can.  You just feel bad, and if you wake up and can't walk, CALL 911!!!  This man that put in my front doors, said he had that happen one time.  They called his "walking pneumonia" but why he didn't know, he couldn't walk! lolol.  I just had it again, a couple of months ago.  From this lapband making me inhale stuff during my sleep.

Then,,when i was still working in Home Health Care, i went to a lady's house 2 blocks from me, and found her on the floor in her bathroom, been there at least 2 days, maybe 3.  And her son who was the patient, had been in the chair the same.  He was unable to walk without help.  Another son lived in the next house up the street, had to have seen her lite on for days, and never stopped and checked.  Her newspapers were laying out there too.  She had to stay in the hospital for about 2 weeks, and then the younger son and her were put in a nursing home in another town, where one of her dotters worked.  It was time, she was getting really bad with altzheimers. 

I would love to have one of the necklaces, but don't want to spend the monthly fee.  I try to keep my cell phone handy.  My family had good intentions for a while, but it goes away.  Gosh, it's been 3 1/2 years,,and o yeah, that's when i quit smoking...lololol.  The cough was gone almost instantly.  Amazing.  And i got my voice back.  As far as my lungs are concerned, i can't tell any difference from having the copd, the effects of, i mean. I use just Spiriva,,,and that's a once a day thing.  No oxygen, no breathing machines, nothing else.  If i walk, it's my back that makes me sit down, not my breathing.

Ok, nuff said. 

Here i am, saying i'm ready for Christmas, and you watch, right at the last minute, something will pop up.  Gonna cook my potatos tomorrow, they will just get better, sitting. 

OMG, just made those Firecrackers, and the bag leaked!  A Ziploc at that.  What a mess.  Did manage to get them into another one, and turn them in a safer place, like ,, the sink.  lolololol.  That bag wouldn't seal, don't know if it's the oil, or what.  Turned it upside down here on the table, and,,,Big puddle of oil!!!  Managed to catch it before it got off tho.  Geez!  I mixed saltine with ritz, 2 columns each.  Looking at all those crackers thot HOW will they all fit??,,,But, they did.  Bag's full, right up to the zipper,,,lololol.  Wondering when to try them.  Guess they're ready, huh.  Used OLD red pepper flakes,,hahahaha,,see if they get out of date.  I have some coarse ground black ,,,,if they are.  Thot i had some of those little packets from the Pizza Hut, but,,NOOO,,,when i cleaned out that drawer they got tossed, along with all the ketchup, lemon juice,,,etc.  Think that's a reason to save it all?,,,Might need it some day,,hahaha, like i just did?  Too bad i'm a tosser, not a keeper.

UMMM yeahh they are good!, and,,the red pepper is HOT.   It was one of HJ's recipes.  Thx, HJ.

Yall tc, and