Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey yall, this is TEXAS!!  Subject to change in the blink of an eye.  And never pay attention to those weathermen.

Started with my neti pot this morning,,,got full fledged sinus right now.  Even took an allergy pill.  Woke up during the nite with my nose running on one side, my eye watering,,one of em,,lol, and even my ear.  Time to get with the plan.  Practice what I preach,,,lol.  My bed is so high, i'm not able to lay off it with my head to the floor,,,would do a somersault,,,hahahahaha.  I have to use a little 3" board step to get on it.

For some reason,,i got up today and it was Monday.  When I went to take my daily morning pills out of the pill box,, I thot, OMG,, I totally missed Sunday!  Then I got to investigating,,(took a while) but I did find it is Sunday.....

Ok, just did my 2nd neti pot thing.  WOW it burns,, the first times.  Guess it's pretty raw up in there, huh?

Those pelicans are still here.  J said he counted 82 here in town a couple of days ago.  Guess they like it here, must be plenty of food for them.  I hope they will come back every year,,,at least I guess they will migrate.

Not much going on, so yall tc, and