Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Birds,,,,

Reading on another blog,,,about the little parakeet in the wild.  We were on our roof one time, during the summer, putting a new one on, and this little parakeet landed there by me, it's wings dragging, mouth open, panting,,so hot.  It let me pick it up and take it in the house to give it some water.  Well!! That bird sure suckered me in, let me tell you.  The next time I put my finger down to let it hop on, it bit the blood out!  Don't know why I didn't take it's head off right then,,,but,, I didn't.

 My dotter always loved those things.  Years later, I went into her house and heard this baby kitten meowing,,started looking everywhere.  HA!  It was that bird!  It had learned to meow...hahahahaha.

My feet were cold all day yesterday, well,  mostly.  So, today I have thick socks on, and good fleece clothes.  I hate to wear shoes with these socks but I do, even tho they're tight.  lol, Kick my shoes off as soon as I come in the door, and they're 1/2 a size larger too.

Doing another load of laundry today.  All these heavy clothes makes for more loads.  I went out to our new Alco yesterday, and bought 3 new tops, fleece ones, marked down 40 & 50%.  A long time ago, in Austin somewhere, I bought a wool jacket marked way down in Jan.  One of the linings in one sleeve was twisted, sewn in wrong.  I got them to almost give it to me, brought it home and fixed it.  I made my dotter's and my clothes so it was easy to fix it. 

I ordered her a pair of plain jeans one time, took the inseam apart, then sewed rick rack, different sizes, different colors, all over them, then sewed the inseam back up.  lol, This was the 70s,,,And I made her a pants suit, with a jacket.  On the back of the jacket, I embroidered Chicago,,all across the back, like on their album... 

Ok,,enough, yall tc, and